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The skyrim modding rabbit hole Pt. 1 (Nier: A Tomata edition)

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Found this really cool armor set from the game Nier:Automata but it just doesn't seem to be possible to get working for me...

For one, the website you download it from is in Russian. So I had to download Chrome just to figure out what everything said because firefox extensions don't work for translating it for some reason and I don't speak Russian.


I next had to create an account which took longer than it should have.


I finally got the files and proceeded to pound my head on the wall because the instructions to download on the website were so vague.


I scrolled through the comments under the mod and found NOTHING helpful (it didn't help that google translate sucks so everyone is speaking in engrish).


I eventually just winged it and installed the files best I could manually... I placed them in the body slide folders and ran body slide... But the outfits didn't come with sliders so I then had to look up how to make them myself.


I opened outfit studio and created a new project. Selected the outfit I want to edit and I also selected the corresponding texture. However the texture proceeded to wrap itself around the entire body instead of just the outfit so I had agonize on exactly what I was doing wrong while looking up tutorials for three hours.


After sifting through several tutorials and watching YouTube videos that don't help my dilemma for this long I've begun asking myself:


Is this really worth the effort?


I then proceeded to give up. Sadly; it just wasn't meant to be.





Side note: after I launched the game the fits didn't show up anyway so that whole thing was pointless since I installed the files incorrectly in first place.



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