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Hello all. I'm having a weird bug with Schlongs of Skyrim where... characters have two manhoods. One that is correctly physics enabled, and one that is stiff, and I'm not sure what causes it. I'm assuming maybe I have another mod installed that adds a non physics one, as the texture and mesh seem to be different, but... I don't remember downloading any other mod with such functionality, and I'm not really sure how to go about checking. Additionally, is there a way to quickly copy a modlist from Vortex? Or a text file that contains a list? Mine's way too long to get a screenshot in. ^^' Thanks in advance.

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Unfortunately all of the results when I type in vortex "mod manager text file mod list" say that such a feature isn't implemented, but these were all old results of a couple years, so I was hoping that's changed and I'm just blind or terrible at searching.

Additionally, I have gone through and looked at the mod list I have, and none of them other than SoS would have such a feature, at least overtly. I don't know if I installed a patch on another mod that pertained to SoS or... perhaps I installed SoS incorrectly.

I assure you I am looking through this at the same time as I posted this, and I'm still looking through it, searching and such on my own. I was just hoping, if my efforts continue to bare poor fruit, as I'm admittedly not the best at troubleshooting, someone else here would have experienced this beforehand and been able to reply kindly before I end up taking several hours trying to figure this out on my own. There's no need to be rude, though... this is the internet after all. Mixed bag as ever. Lots of awesome people, and some not so awesome.

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36 minutes ago, Mez558 said:

You've installed a Male Body mod that comes with Genitals which is replacing the SOS body that has none (Until SOS assigns them)


No idea with Vortex, far to complicated for me.


That makes sense. It's the only thing it can be I suppose. Maybe one of my texture mods came with meshes that I didn't realize, now that I think about it.

Edit: Touche. I confess, my search skills do leave a bit to be desired. Thanks. xP

Further edit: That is actually one of the ones I initially ran into. I guess I read one of the quotes that reads "Currently there is no such feature in Vortex, as far as I can tell.  And yes, it would be a very nice feature to have.  In the meantime, if you have not already done so, you can manually accomplish this by going into each of your game profiles in the Vortex AppData folder.  You can copy the load order and plugin texts found there and save them to another location." and gave up a little too soon. Aye. Should have read the whole thing. Egg on my face there. Call me an impatient millenial. xP

Didn't mean to double post. I thought I saw another post between. Moved to my initial one.

Even furtherer edit: It was indeed a texture mod I had that I didn't know also came with male meshes, after a bit more digging. If anyone has better google duckduck fu than me, and stumbles onto this, be sure your texture mods don't come with extra unwanted features. ^^

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17 hours ago, EkasBadviper said:

mod manager text file mod list

If you mean mods then the answer is no. If you mean plug-ins then the answer is yes.


18 hours ago, Grey Cloud said:

Have a look at the mods you installed and use your brain.


17 hours ago, EkasBadviper said:

It was indeed a texture mod I had that I didn't know also came with male meshes,

Ta da.

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