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1216537646_photo_2021-04-2719_14_31.jpeg.7a8a8e1bd5cea7d9c5c69d61ca984db6.jpegHave you ever heard of Amsterdam's Red Light District?

It's an open-air brothel.

So please, be welcome to The Sim's very first 




Finally a place where your Sims can find a happy ending... for a reasonable price.

This very high-detailed lot will grant you hours of sexy fun with your Sims!


This lot can be used as a Nightclub, a brothel or a stripclub, according to your will.


The lot is composed of different buildings. the main ones have windows where your whores can dance and attract customers:





Every building is provided with a back room where your working sims can provide different... services:



(Walls are left purposely plain and simple to avoid any obstruction in your field of view while performing... well, you know what)


There's also a bar, where your sims can drink some expensive cocktails and... see what's popping' with the bartender:





Also the outer backroads are designed for your viewing pleasure... you perv! ❤️





I highly recommend you (Although not compulsory) to install the lot in Windenburg at the location marked below:






(Unlike those users spamming their patron accounts... ?)




1) If you are using this lot as a strip-club, be mindful that the windows where your sims are performing will prevent customers from tipping the dancers. This won't break the gameplay.
Anyways, if you really want customers to tip the dancers, please substitute the window with a small-size (the low ones) wall, so that the customers will finally make it rain on your bitches.


2) If you are using this lot as a strip-club, notice that customers will surely get inside the room where your Sim is dancing, ruining the atmosphere.

In order to avoid that, I recommend to forbid anybody but employees to get inside each room.
The command has to be set up on every door (it takes 5 seconds, you can do it).

You can try Little MsSam's Mods






LOT TYPE: Generic




- Get to Work!

- Get Together

- Dine Out

- Spa Day

- Get Famous

- Island Living

- StrangerVille



- Download the File and unzip it if zipped (I don't even remember myself);

- Put the Tray files inside the Tray Folder located into The Sims 4 game folder (Documents>Electronic Arts>The Sims 4>Tray);

- Start the game.

- That's pretty much it. You can do it! I believe in you!


Using Wicked Whims it's highly recommended, although not necessary at all.

Using also Little MsSam's Venues Mod it's recommended.

Don't forget to use bb.moveobjects when placing the lot.




- If you find any "DS_store" file among the downloaded files, DO NOT INSTALL THEM.

Although those are NOT harmful for your computer, they won't let you install the lot correctly. 

The only files you should paste into the game are: 

1) The tray files located in the "Tray" folder (which are the files ending in ".blueprint", ".bpi" and ".trayitem");

2) CC files (if present) located in the "CC" folder (which are the files ending in ".package".




Don't forget to check out my other lots:







Feel free to SHARE it WITH CREDITS

If you use this Lot into your game, feel free to send me screenshots of your gameplay, I'm always curious ❤️



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    every cc used is included in the .ZIP file!


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not sure what is missing with this Lot?


download ONLY contains "Tray Files" (8 tray files)


No "CC" found in download file, placed using "bb.moveobjects on"


...just an FYI



I deleted the Tray Files, maybe revisit when "CC" included, although it appears others have same issue so.... o.O?


(didn't try the Park or the the new version of Parking Lot (I have made so many changes to this one (underground), that I am not sure if I should replace the earlier version)

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To be fair, it took me a bit to figure it out, but here's the deal. There is no CC with this mod. There isn't supposed to be. It's just a lot you can use as a strip club, night club, or brothel. To use it, first you have to place it in build mode, then you need to have your Sim buy it by clicking on your phone, then click the house icon, and select "Buy Strip Club". To operate it, you need to travel to wherever you built it. From there you can hire staff buy clicking on your phone, and selecting the high heel icon, then select "Manage Employees". After that, assign them a role when they show up by clicking on them, selecting "Strip Club" followed by "Assign Task" , either bartender, dancer, or charm clients. To assign dancers, first click on either a stripper pole, light on the floor in the window on the first floor, or the "X" in the rooms on the second floor. To assign places for lap dances, just click on any of the chairs and select "assign for lap dance". Don't forget to check up on them every now and then to find out how things are going and either "Praise", "Demote", or "Fire" as appropriate. The only other thing is that you HAVE to be there or else it won't be open. Hope that helps all of you that got confused and irritated..



Edit: When you place the lot, make sure that it's marked as "General", and not "Residential" or something else or else it wont work. 

Edited by larch_fisher
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