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  1. Just wanted to share with you my wonderful ladies! Thanks to the amazing creators for letting me (and everybody else) download their marvelous creations! ❤️
  2. The lot is about to get a spooky-ish, slimy-ish update, just in time for halloween! Some excavations have been made, and something once hidden has now been discovered...
  3. My lovely ladies 🥵 ❤️

    photo_2021-10-26 14.47.54.jpeg

  4. Hi! Love your work. How can I trigger the pond tentacle animations? Thank you in advance!
  5. Hi! thanks for your feedback. Please, make sure that both your game and wicked whims are updated. Also, follow the instructions provided at the bottom of the lot's page 😋
  6. Would it be possible to download your stunning sim? ❤️
  7. Some good ol' foot job action for y'all, lovely people out there! ❤️ I'll post more, worry not...
  8. I feel I should share more from my SimWorld!

    Here's some action from the Dodger Parking Lot area!


    You can download it here:


  9. I just can't get enough of feet in hosiery! who's got the same kink?
  10. Hi! sorry for late reply. The sim, as already shown, was downloadable from loverslab, I did not make it lol
  11. can you tell me where i can download this sim


  12. Giving you a heads up, i havent' tested to see if it works w/o this stuff.  But in Dogger Park.  everything in __MACOSX file is corrupted.  Perhaps cuz every item starts with a period.  .vehicle  .floor  etc etc.  

  13. Hello. I downloaded the Simsterdam lot but the windows are not showing, Can you help? Thanks!

    1. nylonix


      Hi! the windows used should be the default one present in the game. anyways, I always encourage people to experiment and try some creative solution, and share them with me if they want. so, feel free to experiment ❤️

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