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How to avoid the error when loading Enlit3d's game "Heroine Rescue Team" (HRT)

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There is an anoying error when loading Enlit3d's Heroine Rescue Team.

Most often the loading process stops at the item "bodyMeshNAnim.json":


... but sometimes it also stops at different items. Unfortunately Enlit is not able to fix this bug.


Yes, it is a pain in the ass!

I do not know the reason of this error, but i can give you my experience that a made to avoid these error.

I can not garantee that it will work for you. And if you made other experiences please let us know and sent us a post below.


*** 09 Sep 2021: Update from a user (Luin) on F95zone: ***

"On a side note, I kinda discovered a way to avoid the infamous "BodyMeshNAnim" loading error entirely. At least it works 100% of the time for me. You just start the game, let it expand to full screen. And here is the "trick" part: you quickly Alt+Tab out of it and minimize the game window. If you do this too late, you won't get past the bug. When it gets past the faulty part, (adds last batch of files to the queue) you can switch back to full screen mode. It loads without any errors after that."


What i do if that error occures:

1. i try to start the game a second and a third try (at least). Very often this will work. On the second time the system is much faster to lload the objects...

2. If the system will not start i add one or more mody to my .../data directory (any mod just temporarly)... If it does not work start to add even bigger mods

3. if the system still does not starts i will start to move mods away


Up to now i always was able to start the game. Sometimes it lasts longer, sometime it goes just on the second try. Also sometimes the game without any mods does not start and when i added some of my big mods it does start. It seems to be totaly on a random basis, do you know more about this?


I am sorry that i can not help you any more and i hope this advices will work for you. And as i said: please give us your experiences...


Have fun ?


... and have a look to my Skyrim mods:


SurverX floppy settings                Dancing Penis

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