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Item/mod idea... Soliciting animation/item.

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Hey folks!

Like I stated before, I'm a bit of the silent watcher type on the forums, but I've been searching high and low for something (and I can't mod nor animate even if my life depended on it).
So I decided to just plonk it down here in case someone likes the idea and wants to pick up on it.

I've quite enjoyed Turbodriver's Wicked Whims and Nisa's Wicked Perversions, and all the amazing animations I found here.
I've got a strip club running, I've got a brothel, and even a combination of the two (I really smutted up my sims neighbourhoods, haha).
The only thing missing is a 'spot'. No, not the amazing dancing X's and poles.

I mean an item (spot on the ground, pebble, other uninvasive item) you can put down on the sidewalk of your lot, or behind a neon-light window in your redlight district, and the guy/girl showing off they're 'open for business' with a few soliciting animations/window soliciting... and them staying there, simply posing and showing off the merchandise. Maybe as another function for the nightclub, drawing in more customers.

They don't need to strip or dance excessively, just stand there and look pretty/flaunt themselves.

Anyone willing to pick this up or look into it? ☺️

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