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Hello everyone,


I was wondering if there is a service one can pay for, concerning the installation of mods.


Now I know how that sounds: "Are you so lazy?!". Well, no.


I am working many hours a day and only play games 3-4h a week. And I did try to install mods in Fallout 4, but .... I was overwhelmed.

I've successfully installed them for Sims 4, but for Fallout and Skyrim, it's hard work (the latter is my favorite game right now - I could never afford a good PC in the past, but finally, I got one). The hours it would take me to understand... I guess I am not the brightest mind (I am a violinist).


For example, for Skyrim I found more than 1 SSE Framework, correct? Or is it one and I confused that?


Anyway, for me (with only a couple of hours per week to play), it seems more sensible to "buy" such a service, rather then spend hours and hours

to learn, search and install the adult mods. In short, one of you should open a service like that on Fiverr for example and promote it here. I can't be the only

one feeling so overwhelmed (I hope I am not).


Have a nice day fellow gamers!

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a sophisticated setup needs to be made by oneself.

Otherwise you have problems to play it.

Understanding the setups of all the mods is as important as the installation of those.

Start with basic setups and proceed to more complex mods.

I guess all of us needed months or even years to do it.

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Many have asked and many got the same answer. Nope too much of a hassle and tbh the amount of money you would have to pay.. if i had to convert it to my Rl wage, you couldn't afford it. Trust me and i am not even good at this. (Takes most of us DAYS until the game is ready, the long term testing not included. so even if someone mods it for you, you still could get crashes and unsolvable game breaking or save corrupting errors.)


I am in a similar situation as you are, i only have a couple of hours where i really can play (more then you to be true but not as much as i used to have.) but i would rather spend some of it learning how to do stuff myself then paying amounts of money for simple installations. You only need to read a guide for your specific skyrim version, follow it and don't fuck up royally.


On other hand there exist something like Modpacks, not really the best way since they usually are hard to update as i understand, but maybe an alternative for you.



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Softly, softly, catchy monkey. As has already been said, it takes a long time to get the game one wants. I would add that the more time you spend at the beginning then the easier it gets later (hopefully, maybe, perhaps, possibly ? ).


Try this:



If you run into a problem with an element of this then ask.

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What mods you install depend entirely on what YOU want, not someone else. 


If you haven't played Skyrim before, just play it in vanilla form.


If you just want some minor sex,    download and install Flowergirls and Amorous Adventures (from the same Nexus Flowergirls download page).


Otherwise, you gotta figure out what you want.

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I started my modded skyrim journey a few weeks ago, after finally building my first pc.

Just downloaded vortex and started modding randomly.

Honestly, i did have a few problems, but nothing that couldn't be solved within a few hours, and thanks to vortex, my experience was pretty straightforward.
I now have a few hundreds mods, all working just fine, and i mostly just download them and let vortex do everything alone.

Few things i remember doing without vortex was installing skse and the ENB.

I even started enjoying modding and trying these mods instead of playing normally.

Just try, you may find it more enjoyable than you thought at first. It's not that hard!

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Just a thought, but you might want to look into Wabberjack mod installer.  It automates the mod installation process according to a pre-defined build you chose - and then, if you have the time and inclination, you can customise it.  It probably won't take all the work out of it, but it'll take some out.

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I second Max's recommendation of Wabberjack. It's a tool that lets you pick a mod list from a preselected list, and download it all at once. The Wabajack lists are mostly very high quality and it will allow you to very quickly get a heavily modded game. Instead of having to build your own mod list from scratch. 

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It was hard at first, but once i got the first mod to work it was easy from there.

I'd say start slowly, start by adding 10 mods, then add another 10 mods.

Make sure to always skim over dependancies and conflicts when installing something new.


I'd wait a little before trying to intall any loverslab mods as these mods tends to have the most conflicts.

Learning load order is probably the hardest part and sometimes you'll find yourself googling "skyrime does x mod load after y mod".

Once you've learned to do it once though it becomes easy.

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