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  1. I'm throwing out suggestions. Would you consider adding a layer to creating devices? Layer 1: Lets say you equip a bra. Ok the system didn't find a suitable bra device, next layer then. Layer 2: The system looks for a "top" devious item from random slots that fit top criteria. Ok the system didn't find a suitable top device, next layer then. Layer 3: The system uses random device fallback. Basicly i propose a second layer between where it checks for "head/top/bottom". So even if the item slot isn't accurate, it'll find an item that still relates to the ar
  2. You need to install and enable sexlab framework and sexlab arousal, before installing devious devices frameworks. The devious devices framework used to be several packages, but is an all-in-one mod now that includes all those packages (.esm). For looking up SSE mods i recommend using the sse conversion tracking thread.
  3. Well maybe it's a bit hard to explain, but i'm referring to these values in cursed loot. Cursed loot is obviously way overkill when you install it, so any sane person would lower the chances. Cursed loot feels very nice at 2-3% trigger rate. The problem though is that you have to balance it against key drop rates, which even at the lowest rate isn't low enough. So to balance out restraint - key ratio you need to increase trigger rate to like 4-5%. So how does this affect your mod? Your mod makes escaping restraints more difficult and cursed loot is handing
  4. Can we get an option to lower chances of finding cursed loot/keys to decimals? The main problem is that keys can't be set lower than 0.5 and 1.0. Which makes it hard to balance against the trigger rate for nice and smooth gameplay. I'd prefer to play with 2-3% trigger rate, but then i get too many keys. So if we could adjust key drops to decimal values it'd be nice. Or chance key drop rate to a percent of basic cursed loot chance.
  5. Been testing this mod for like an hour. I got cuff restraints on the back. The changes to getting out of restraints is just so much better wow. As much as i love devious devices, the menu stuff is so cumbersome. I think the only thing i want is maybe an even easier difficulty. Because it's hard to set cursed loot to percents lower than 3% without balancing it against key drops at 1%. So with a bunch of mods adding restrains and this mod making it harder to escape clashes a little
  6. Is there a way to get past the ending of the party when you get the reward? The dialogue softlocks.
  7. It was hard at first, but once i got the first mod to work it was easy from there. I'd say start slowly, start by adding 10 mods, then add another 10 mods. Make sure to always skim over dependancies and conflicts when installing something new. I'd wait a little before trying to intall any loverslab mods as these mods tends to have the most conflicts. Learning load order is probably the hardest part and sometimes you'll find yourself googling "skyrime does x mod load after y mod". Once you've learned to do it once though it becomes easy.
  8. This mod is so good. I love the new SLS feature, it's great (now it just needs support for Licenses on page 2). I got a wierd bug while playing. I tried disabling a bunch of deals in order to test MME and Skooma deal. However i got the text from other deals while those deals got applied.
  9. I thought i'd leave some feedback on 5.1. I played the main quest chain up until the start of bound queen. I don't know what content comes after, but i believe i've played most of the quests before anyway? The new quest chain is a healthy addition to the mod. The LAL quest is short and nice. Chloe quest is also good. The fetch quest for the ingredients doesn't mention which mountain flower you need, there are 3 different ones so that needs to be fixed. The part that i didn't like were the dollmakers quests. I think you should change costumes here so the play
  10. Im playing through the questline. How do i get the strict rope harness off?
  11. I tried the mod yesterday and i got to say i'm really stoked for whatever happens next. This mod is pushing all the right buttons for me. There were some minor issues with mod conflicts, such as the outside guard having black face issue and i couldnt get the body guard outfight to fit with either CBBE or UNP. Probably something i could have fixed if i tinkered more. Everything else was buttery smooth.
  12. I just had the same problem and looked it up. In the case anyone else search for this, maybe put the answer to the problem in the first post. Since other people might search for this issue too.
  13. I've got a question regarding Tes5Edit. If i added anything to the univ_collar level list, like the pet collar for example, would it randomly spawn in the game? I'm just wondering if there are other prerequisites for spawning unique collars? Here's the edit if anyone's curious. CursedLootWithPetCollar.esp
  14. Just throwing out some random ideas: -If you're travelling on a road, a person pops up and says there's a bandit blocka ahead. Forcing you to either deal with it or find another way around. -Implement survival soft-plugin. Being a horse should be draining. You can ask merchants on the road for a refill of food and water. -Pony stations spread across the land on roads where you can rest up before moving on. -Maybe sweat build or need to cool yourself down?
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