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  1. I played the mod a little, it seemed pretty good for what little i got to play before i stumbled upon some issues. I believe there are som compatibility issues with death alternative. After heatrise depleted all my health, death alternative kept me in a constantly cycle of faint/death/bleedout. Which seemed to continue even after i terminated heatrise. I messed with the settings in hope of fixing it, but it didn't work out for me.
  2. Tried the mod today and i got to say i quite like it. Now if only there were more content i would like it even more.
  3. So i have a problem with long loading times when entering/leaving areas and saving/loading in general My loading times are something like 15 to 45 seconds, with an SSD On one of my recent saves i had pretty good speed after i uninstalled BillySLAL animations. At least i suspected that to be the perpetrator, but now it's really slow again. Even fresh saves are slow, so it's probably not TAWOB or mod that are enabled on-the-go. Here's my mod list:
  4. Crafting seems to work well. There is a small bug if you kill the owner of the crafting tool you still require permission. The quests are working i think? I tried some and they were strictly vanilla quests? I haven't really explored this feature yet so i can't say much. The punishment for being naked seemed to work. I got bodysearch to work on my first save when entering Blue Palace, though i haven't been able to make it work on my 2nd and 3rd saves after altering mods a little. When talking to a guard or a mailmain they just say "Stop Woman" and t
  5. I've only used this mod a few hours. The crafting restrictions are pretty neat, definitely something i'd want every run i play. Though i can't seem to get parts of it to work. Guards stop a conversation with "Stop woman" and my game gets softlocked while they repeat this line. I tried disabling search but it still happens. Not sure what i'm doing wrong. I think i got bodysearch to work earlier when entering the blue palace on another save.
  6. I managed to fix it. I figured i'd need to get textures at least working in Bodyslide so i looked at Settings in bottom right corner for "BSA Textures" checkbox. I noticed something else though, my "Game Target" inside settings was set to Legacy instead of Special Edition. That's something to remember between fresh Skyrim installs.
  7. I seem to have a problem with invisible items on the body. Harness, corsets, boots don't work. Gags, collars, armbiner do work though. Any idea what might be the cause? I tried disabling: -beastrace refits -male refit. -built based on cbbe and cbbe se in bodyslide -i swapped loadorder on CBBE after several other body modifiers In the preview the items are all textureless and ingame i think they just appear transparent?
  8. I like these kind of mods, i've got some questions though: -Are mimic clothes "specified" from the moment they spawn/you use them? Or could i theoretically trigger any worn equipment to be a mimic by equip/unequp 100 times? -Does the devious device correspond to the equipped item? Glove = cuff, hood = gag. And so on? -Do stats and enchantsments transfer from original item to new devious device. I'll probably try it out.
  9. You wouldn't be able to tell if it's in or not. To make it give the impression of a deepthroat gag you would need an animation of the insertion or an x-ray mod. There's nothing like it out there, but you can always be the change you want to see. It's feasible to make something like this with a few hours of experience in Blender.
  10. Btw i found a mod that works really well alongside survival and adds more gold sinks to make playing more difficult. https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/34784?tab=description This adds a bunch of new criminal offences like vagrancy, crafting stations requires permission to use (and $), hunting/fishing permits and more. It's worthy of a sticky alongside the dungeon/underground, as a recommended mod.
  11. Damn nice. This is like having an angel and a devil on your shoulder.
  12. I do have KSHair SMP, so you might be right. Though i think i tried with that. On one of the attempts i made a new character with skyrim hair it worked. Then i think i did the racemenu console and loaded my preset with SMP hair and it still worked. Then again, fuzzy memory so i'm not 100%.
  13. Got the same lag problem. I tried the mod today. When i was testing mods earlier today i got it working with F1. When i tested it now on another character with some more mods it started lagging like crazy. I also activated several mods and played around before i noticed the lagspikes from amputation. Reloading an earlier save in starting area still gave off lagspikes. Creating a new character also gaves lagspikes. I use 3BBB, had Slaverun and SexLab Survival installed. During the timeframe from when it worked to when it stopped worki
  14. Can you add exceptions to followers with this mod? Devious followers has a feature like it. That way i could make some followers devious and some joyfull (like spouses or housecarls).
  15. Monoman's Amputator Framework Tweaked 1.3 gives off FNIS errors about compatibility. Am i missing something? edit: Found Amputator Framework Tweaked v1.3 SSE on 1st. page. Search functionality isn't very good on this site. It should be put in the original thread sticky.
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