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[Skyrim VR] Can't get any animations to play

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I'm trying to get the various creature mods running in Skyrim VR. I'm clearly missing something, because I've been working on getting this for well over six hours. Everything seems to be in place and working; CreatureFramework says the animations are registered, I can spawn them in with the HentaiCreatures spells, creatures have genitalia, I can override their arousal to give them erections, but I just can't seem to trigger the sex animation. The two "irresistible" spells that come with Matchmaker don't seem to do anything. With the HentaiCreature creatures, giving them the "mate" order causes notifications to appear, but nothing happens (except sometimes it starts to repeatedly teleport me to a random Giant's camp, for some reason).


Also, I occasionally get a notification saying my Papyrus version is incorrect, but I'm using the only one available for VR. Do I need both?



Screenshot 2021-04-20 060044.png

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42 minutes ago, JayDrizzle said:

First make sure you have the right version of JContainers.  Check out this post a few down from yours.  Next make sure Sexlab has creature content enabled in right side of the animation MCM.  It defaults to off.  Check that your Creature Framework MCM has mods recognized and if not re-initialize.  Let me know if any of those work!


1. Yes, I'm am using that version of JContainers

2. If you mean the "SexLab" tab of MCM, it actually doesn't show anything but the patch installation thing (see image below). Even after installing it, it doesn't go away. It says that it installed successfully, but the checklist also says it doesn't like my papyrus, so...

3. The CreatureFramework tab has several pages worth of registered animations, referencing the various animation packs, like MoreNastyCritters, etc. However, there's another sub-tab for enabling all the creatures; all of them default to off, but if I enable them, they switch back off as soon as I change tabs. I assume this could mean the SexLab instalation is bad or wrong in some way.



Screenshot 2021-04-20 100309.png

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Ah yeah.  See on the right panel where it says install/update.  Click that.  Also pull your PapyrusVR down to the bottom of your load order on the left panel of your Mod Organizer.  Nothing should overwrite that.  I think sexlab framework ships with a SSE version.  Happy humping!

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1 minute ago, JayDrizzle said:

Ah yeah.  See on the right panel where it says install/update.  Click that.  Happy humping!

You misunderstand; I have clicked that. I click it, the text changes to "working", I exit out of the menu, I get some notification prompts saying it's installing (sexlab voice and animations, if I remember correctly), then one that says it's done installing. However, if I go back to that menu, nothing has changed. If I click the update button again, I get the same messages, albeit, much faster.

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5 hours ago, JayDrizzle said:

Did you put PapyrusUtilVR on the bottom of your MO2 load order?

No, it's at the very top, unless LOOT is doing something screwy with it, but I'm given no reason to believe that (see top image for my load order). So, either there's some secret version of PapyrusUtilVR other than the one on the Nexus, or something is interfering with SexLab's ability to recognize it (one of the VR patches, perhaps?)


Alternatively, I think I read something about a similar problem being fixed by reinstalling Papyrus and replacing its files, in case something got overwritten. I'll check those options, but that's pretty much all I can think to do.


EDIT: Oh, I didn't realize Papyrus is not necessarily supposed to be on top of the load order. I'll try moving it below whatever's overwriting it.

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Success! Just had to move down Papyrus, and animations are working now. Really with that had been made clear in the VR modding tutorials on here. I was tearing my hair out all night over this. Thank you so much for the help!


Fuckin' Todd Howard, this has got to be his fault somehow...

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From the guide I was following:



Papyrus VR.  It's an hard requirement for many, many mods. Always give it the highest priority if you use a mod manager, so that other mods don't replace it with their own built in, VR incompatible version.


I must have incorrectly interpreted "highest priority" to mean "top of the load order".


I don't hate Todd as a person, I don't know him. I just think Bethesda (and by extension, him) have made a lot of bad decisions deserving ridicule.

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