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1 hour ago, -̒̈́̕?̖̪̼?̒̈́̕??̒̈́̕?- said:

You sure u have "Complete" pack of Tullius Hairs?...


tbh. answer is not from me... its from someone else... i don't have Tullius Pack... but...




I hope that was a joke from that person cause I'm really mad about that comment. Cause that comment like he say this to me I'm a careless person that didn't check up carefully before asking & waste other people time . Also he called me a liar.

Not only I checked Tullius Har pack, I also check 1000 hair mods of that author in onedrive. 

Did he look up the mods himself before calling other a liar? Please send my hair picture to him and say that I want straight long knee hair length, no braid. 

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I know where the hair is from.


It's a slightly modified version of the hair from this mod, removing the crown and whatnot using nifskope. And there is a version with HDT physics.


Getting it isn't as simple, but you might be able to find it in the 9Damao and Baidu Download topic if you use the sites search function.

Just type "KunN NewCloth" or something along those lines and you should find it.

If not, then try searching for the baidu link in said topic, and it should lead you to it.

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On 9/11/2021 at 11:29 PM, kakacarrotcake269 said:

hi it's me kaban-chan. I can't add you, on discord, it keeps poping error. Please add my discord acc : Dreamer898753 #8633

Hi! I tried to add you but it won't let me :( are you please able to add me when you have a chance?? my discord is bimbobuddhist#7587

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