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Instant Undress prompt is not appearing when I click on my sim or an NPC. Everything else under Wicked Whims shows up and I can do instant undress during sex but not outside of it and this has never been the case before. Help Please.

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You need to click on WW > Naturism. If it's on your sim, you can have them undress completely. If it's on an NPC, you can only ask them to get naked.


Be aware that if you have the "Naturism and Exhibitionist" setting on and the "Nudity Pressure Switch" on (both located under the Nudity settings), NPCs either won't do it or if they do, they'll just get dressed again right away if they don't feel comfortable being naked.


*** EDIT *** I should add that all sims will be okay being naked if you have the Nudity lot trait on as it bypasses any Naturism skill checks and comfort levels.

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1 hour ago, Hnatko said:

I used to be able to undress NPCs manually without having to ask even outside of sex interactions. Is that not an option anymore?

MCCC mod has a change outfit menu when you click on a sim and includes the nude outfit category.

Just click on a sim and select MCCC > Dresser > Change Outfit

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