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[REQ/IDEA/SOLVED] a Papyrus/SKSE driven alternative to mfg


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The mfg command has become a way of adding facial expressions to our characters, but since Beth released 1.9, they just literally neutered the command, so I went out to see if there's a way of doing this differently.


I discovered that the only other way is to use Papyrus commands, but since I'm not very good at scripting, I'd better let someone who's good at Papyrus to look into those commands:






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ExpressionOverride is far from the same thing MFG was. You're limited to the listed expressions, most of which don't work on female characters, and the strength doesn't do all that much to alter them, it also completely lacks the phenome part on top of that.

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Is there any other options, short of hacking the .exe?  I remember back when I toyed around with 3D Custom Girl, I could tweak a girl's face. Maybe the facial skeleton could be manipulated, but then it looks like a long shot.

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Looks like we have a genius. I should buy zzjay and 83willow a case of beer.




And for your player character there is a console command that lets him/her talk - go in 3rd person view, open the console, click with your mouse on your character (now you should see some numbers in the console) - then type say 142b0, close the console > your character will now say a short sentence - just freeze everything (tfc 1) when your character has the right facial expression and take screenshots! (say 142b1; say 142b2; say 142b3; say 142b4 and say 142b5 work as well and will give you slightly different sentences and facial expressions) --83willow



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The "say"-command is nice. I had been using that, before the the mod came out, where the mfg and phoneme thingies were explained. But hands down ... it's just not as good. The exclusive commands are way more comfortable and usable. Also I don't think zzjay was the first to use "say". :-)

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The thing I miss most about the previous facial commands is the ability to move the eyes. I make a lot of the expressions for my character shots with the speak commands, but it's very annoying to never be able to move the eyes. I only got one shot out with the eye commands, before the update happened. :@

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