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What am i doing wrong?

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I dont know what im doing wrong but every time I try to start the game it crashes just when loading is done.

I have updated nvse & extender and redownloaded everything else.


Load order found here:

[spoiler=Load Order]
Free Tribal Outfits.esp=1
SexoutASB.esp=0 <-Inactive
The Mod Configuration Menu.esp=1
Bouncing Natural Breasts.esp=1
SexoutSexkey.esp=0 <-Inactive
SexoutAssassin.esp=0 <-Inactive


If any1 could just check and se if somthing's wrong with the load order or see if I miss something i would be grateful, I have tried getting FNVEdit but it can't open registry (mayby because i got fallout from steam?)


Best regards

// Uniman

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Was this the first install of sexout?

Or did it work untill you updeted/added some files?

If it's your first install, to my opinion you have installed to many mods at once. I would recomend to uncheck all the esp. If the game runs, add one esp after the other till the game crashes again.

(For example I did never succed to install the SunnyCompanion for Sexout right - And was to lazy to check which stupid error I made. ;))

If the game still crashes after unckecking, you maybe have to deacticvate them in FOMM too. And maybe you haven't istalled the Sexout - Framework (SexoutNG, SCR, Preg.) correctly.

Have you istalled the clothing mods (BunnySuit etc.) before installing sexout?

Or have you installed them as resource for sexout? Then you didn't remove the esp as written in the instalation-guide (http://www.loverslab.com/topic/6804-wsex-sexual-innuendo-override-v006) But I don't know if that causes your crashes.


Good luck!

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Crash on load means you're running an esp or esm that requires another esp or esm that is not present. Open FOMM, and check each esp at the bottom of the screen in the box for the list of masters until you find one you don't have. Either download and install that master, or disable the esp/esm that requires it.



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hmm I guess I need to try more XD

I just realized that its probably SexOut.esm that causes my problems but why i have no idea XD

I have followed the guides...

I should probably mention that I have had the game up and running with these and other mods but after I needed to reinstall it wont work... D'oh XD

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You're missing a requirement - that's what a crash on load means. Do what I suggested, and you'll find it. 

I have and i can't find it, oh well i will fix it, i think i just have to make a clean install again (D'oh)

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OK, open FNVedit, and let it run. It will tell you on load what file it can't find.

And as I said before FNVEdit fails to load the registry, mayby because i have win 7 or because i bought the game from steamstore.


[spoiler=error code]Fatal: Could not open registry key: \SOFTWARE\Bethesda Softworks\FalloutNV\



I did a clean install (and deleted the everything in the folder) and only installed MCM and Sexout (and the extenders and compability skeleton), somehow sexout crashes the game on load.

Btw I usually use Nexus mod manager but i can read the requirements of master mods there too and i cant find one that i dont have, im wondering if it can have something to do with the compabilityskeleton i dunno XD

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