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Looking for an alternative to Item Browser

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I used to have the mod Item Browser on my old pc but since the darn thing broke down I guess I lost it. TommInfinite has stopped modding for some reason so his mod is no longer there for download.


Does anyone know a good alternative for this? Something that allows you to pull perks and objects from other mods.

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If you still have the old pc, it might be worth asking around your pc savy friends or even work mates, to see if any of them have a hdd docking station, hell depending on what you do, you may be able to ask the IT people where you work for them to do you a favor and see if the drive is still readable, if it is then you could copy all the mods from the old drive onto a usb memory stick or what not depending on how much data you want to transfer.


Another option depending on how comfortable you feel messing around in the guts of a pc, is to pull the old drive out of your broken pc, and add it as a second or third or what not drive in your new pc, and see if it will work, depending on what broke on the old pc, there is a pretty good chance that the drives are still readable from it.


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Huh. Guess I didn't think of that.

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