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Seam in the sky / Ugly clouds?

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I run the game on : SSD, I9 9900K, 2080 Ti, and everything looks amazing except said particular clouds that seem to be tied to a particular weather, and during the same weather, being able to see a very clear sky box seam. If those are vanilla issues, what can I do to address them?

Mods I use that might tamper with that :

Wonders of Weather
Lightning During ThunderStorms(Minty)
Vivid Clouds and Fogs
Morning Fogs Re
True Storms
Realistic Water Two
SMIM and Skyrim HD
Sounds Of Skyrim Complete LE

...And of course all their compatibility patches that I needed. I've followed all installation and ordering instructions to the letter as well.

ENB : 4Chromatic by Slothability


I am going to include some screens of the offending weather and clouds, and some where they aren't around so the difference in quality can be more easily perceived... And to back up why I think this comes from a mod, whose author probably DGAF about quality.


I would greatly appreciate any help.











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1 hour ago, donttouchmethere said:

But the font you're using looks cool.


How can I get that into my game?

Diablo fonts, you can look for them on Nexus. I have low key OCD with certain words' capitalization and vanilla Skyrim annoys me ;3 :$

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31 minutes ago, Seijin8 said:

The vanilla clouds have seams, and most clouds based on them do, too.  You really only notice it with certain ENBs going.


This should fix it, though the resulting colors may not be the same.



Hmmm, I've never used that before.. Then again I never had this issue before. That's why I'm trying to pin point what's causing it. In any case, is there an equivalent of that on Nexus or here?

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23 minutes ago, Violence6884 said:

Hands up! NINJA ARREST! You don't get to leave until you explain what you were talking about! >:3

From the nexus page: "Changes the main font to Exocet "

If I read "Exocet" I get remembered about the Falkland War and those french anti ship missiles:




I know I know, has nothing to do with fonts... it just came up ?‍♂️


Guess I watch too many youtube war documentaries  ?

(they have some relaxing effect)

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26 minutes ago, Seijin8 said:

It is in vanilla.  You never noticed that issue before.

I... See. No pun intended. I wish I did not notice it :'C Thanks again for the suggestion and explanation. Edit : Would something like Ethereal Clouds or other such mods pretty much do the same thing as the file you suggested?

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10 minutes ago, donttouchmethere said:


I agree, best thing to sleep to. Not implying documentaries bore me, just what you said; That soothing effect. Plus, I pick up interesting RL lore ;3 Last one I watched was about the Maginot line. Second best for me would be 40K audio books!

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4 minutes ago, donttouchmethere said:



I also love listening to 40K lore... Luetin, Tactica Imperialis and Baldermort if I got the name right. Used to listen to Arch too but at one point he just injected way too many personal opinions that collided with mine, into his lore videos. Difference of views I can live with, polluting lore videos with it, or low key pushing politics through them, is just bad. Oh well.

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Just now, Violence6884 said:

Difference of views I can live with, polluting lore videos with it is just bad.

just say: "Tau"

and all hell breaks loose!


btw if you have some audiobooks you just have to share because: EXCITEMENT!

Share them here:


Lore audio goes well too, now that you said "arch" ^^

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Just going to leave this here in case someone wants to at least lessen the seams and low rez clouds... I played around with Ethereal Clouds off Nexus and it improved the situation dramatically. I don't see seams at all, clouds look far better, it's all looking great in comparison. In particular I used its cloud sheet, horizon and I think cloud upper files, I did not want to outright overwrite what I already have(Mentioned in the list in the OP).


So... That was a good ending.

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