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looking for a C# coder willing to help with making a mod project


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seemingly every game that has been modded here in LoversLab has a vore mod in their collection, except Rimworld as far i have looked.


while i'm not new to rimworld modding i've only ever done XML and have never touched assembly, and so require someone with more experience than myself to help me accomplish what it is i want to make.

I've written down a document of what i am aiming for in terms of functionality as well as put together a few placeholder textures.


While on paper the scope of the mod is rather small i don't know how that will translate into actual work to make.


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i feel that i should have also stated this but as this is my first post i was worried on the extent of the rules of posting and if this fell inside the bounds or not.

I fully intend to tip anyone who is willing to step up and help me with this project.

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