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Install/Download Issue due to Version Compatibility

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Hi everyone, I've seen the same issue on multiple forums going unanswered and I think it stems from the problem I'm having. I download everything currently, unzip using Keka, place directly in Mod folder and ensure script and mods are allowed. The downloads will show up on my list of custom content and mods but there are no options for Wicked Whims during gameplay. The only trace of Whims is when my Sim goes to take a shower--they are completely naked. I checked my game version and found out it is which is not on the list of compatible versions. Do you think creators will be updating the version soon? It looks like they just recently released a version so I'm afraid it won't be for a while...


Any thoughts???

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5 minutes ago, Crashdown117 said:

Update your game via Origin. Current game version is 1.62.something and I don't even know how long ago 1.27 was anymore.

1.27 was over 3 years ago, so I have my doubts about the OP having a legit copy.

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