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FYI, this mod has a problem with layers forcing other clothing to appear higher than they were designed.


I suspect it is because the new underwear moves other clothing up one level from the "Skin" layer that vanilla has it, and thus clothing that was designed for the skin layer gets pushed up, some of it to the "outer" layer and thus overlays the head and other things in a way the image is not supposed to.


Arguably this is the correct way of doing it as underwear should be skin level, but it would be impossible for every other clothing creator (going all the way to Tynan) to accommodate this.


As the current solution to autopatching everything else is not really working and has a lot of room for things to go wrong no matter what you do, I suggest a radical departure and create a new lower layer below the vanilla "skin" level.


To illustrate this:

Vanilla layers

3. Outer

2. Middle

1. Skin

0. Pawn body


What this would need

4. Outer

3. Middle

2. Skin

1. Underwear

0. Pawn body


I think this is straightforward to do as the ammunition mod adds an "ammunition" layer totally separate from everything else.



Their github might have some guidance* about how to do it, though as far i am aware the ammo mod is not setup for things to actually show.



*Aka swipe the code and rename it for your needs ;)

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On 6/11/2020 at 1:01 AM, It's Coming Right For Us! said:

FYI, this mod has a problem with layers forcing other clothing to appear higher than they were designed.

I could have come here and fix my problem without having to look mod for mod, but yeah didn't knew what mod was the one causing the problem, anyways thanks dude

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