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  1. Algene

    install mod

    What mod are you talking about, dude?
  2. Good luck Jaivos and Jordel, hope you can lewdify PZ.
  3. That sounds like something you be told from reddit, like the rimworld subreddit calling this place illegal, absolute nosense, that aside, @turkler seems to have someones discord that is working on PZ modding, maybe ask him?
  4. You need any demon race of the workshop, the tentacles are used by "Elder things" I think
  5. @dlsldptmxk0926 Well that may be a problem, since it would be editing a mod, people usually don't mod orther mods, since it creates drama, and we already have enough of that in the modding world as a whole. Your best bet is to ask someone like MemoryH, they are is doing mods for most of the Yakuza games, luck and hope you understand what I'm writing Read again my man, he wants to see rule-63 kiryu's titties.
  6. Sex should decrease Boredom or "lust" as a new stat to take care, maybe once we get npcs we could suck dick or eat pussy/ass for food, About zombie sex maybe you could desinfect any hole that's full of cold cream, I guess that would make it preferable to being bitten, even you could craft some kind of zombie pheromone so they will dick you instead of fight you as long as your bottom is uncovered. About MP no idea really, the one that started it must be the one that constrols it unless you "give command" to the orther player. Finally I would love to see more incentive to play in the nude, that and of course if and a big IF bestiality get's implemented I would love to see it
  7. It was, but also listened to ye old Fred perry one for the nostalgia
  8. Yar har, fiddle di dee, Being a pirate is all right with me, Do what you want 'cause a pirate is free, You are a pirate! Thanks for the skin dude
  9. People will call me crazy but there is a reason I purchased skyrim and then play a pirated copy.
  10. I haven't had too much playtime thanks to the time of the year and how busy I am, but I have to say I like the game a lot, is genuinely something you expect to see in one of BBs comics, and about him giving me the fetish I think it was the massive amount of porn from back in WoWLK glory days, your goblins take the cake though, I love them.
  11. What armor may that be? I don't have it yet
  12. I would suggest getting the animated sex mod, usually the pawn that's being gangbanged changes positions a lot and you get to see the kinda rare 3p anims, I just wish I had the time to make 4p and 5p anims just for this ritual.
  13. Goblins are one of those weird fetishes that I don't even know from where I got, thanks for posting Parodos, will try.
  14. Either Novelai or HoloAi, both paid, I use Novelai personally, if you want a free alternative use what Zanan tells you. Go to the 4chan /aids/(AI Dynamic Storytelling General) thread in the /vg/ board to get all the info you could wish for on this.
  15. Not sure if I understand what nudeseeker wants, but last time that I played the game didn't had a "naked" custome, as the girls nude during gameplay itself, and while damage can break their clothes healing them will restore the custome, the closer one would be "lingerie", that comes with the problem that replaces the full nude that the girls have during normal sex. I was kinda disappointed since you can't just equip accessories like the womb tattoo and the slave gear.
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