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New to Mods - Broke my Game

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I was trying to fix my half broken Skyrim SE game (mostly invisible textures and animations not playing), using vortex, i uninstalled my mods and  uninstalled Skyrim SE. I then reinstalled skyrim and thought i could start fresh and get everything to work this time. I followed a few videos on youtube about installing FNIS and CBBE (cbbe never worked for me before) and Vortex doesnt want to work with me. in the last install i would see"SKSE64" as a installed mod but it is nowhere to be seen this time around, and ive been looking for the .exe for FNIS but it isn't where it is supposed to be. I also think that there may be some left over stuff from the mods before i unistalled and deleted them. If anyone can help i'd really appreciate it. Like i said in the title im new to modding and i cannot figure out for the life of me what to do to try and get rid of whatever is left over from the old mods and just start over. 


The console is reporting a version of skse running.


Thanks ahead of time 

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sounds a bit "everywhere"


First up, I would


1) repair game through steam

2) make sure you can play game, using bethesda launcher.

3) if your really stuck on using vortex compared to Mod organizer 2, I would then confirm you can start the game through vortex and play...


-- all of the above, with no mods at all, no mods through creation club, nada.. as vanilla as you can get.

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just delete your entire skyrim se folder, I don't know how vortex works but if it was anything like the old nmm its probably crap and leaves stuff in your skyrim se folders, but that's my uneducated opinion.


I'd strongly recommend MO2, there is little to learn and it wont fk up your skyrim if you mod incorrectly as none of the mod files actually go into the game files.


install usleep se > FNIS se > DAR se > Body mod for se and everything should be fine.

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