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Help with OufitStudio

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I need some help with OufitStudio, since I'm a newbie. I have a CBBE shoes mod that doesn't have BodySlide support, so I wanted to add it. I opened a new project with CBBE Body as reference, I selected the shoes as outfit and then I set the ankles to the max value in the slider and fixed the clipping. I copied the weight bones and saved the project. Now it works correctly in game, without clipping. The problem is: the weight slider doesn't work. I mean, it fits correctly my character only when I have weight set to 100, but if I turn it down, the feet and the ankles doesn't scale with it and it starts clipping. When I save the project I select the weight support, and so, when I build it in BodySlide it builds both the _0.nif file and the _1.nif. What am I missing?

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What you have to do is:

1.) open shoes_0.nif and once youre done editing with it then click "save project as"

2.) Select a display name and then click "to project"

3.) by default it should be on low/high weight output if its not make sure to check it

4.) remove the checkmark thats says "copy reference shape into output" then click save

5.) if you're using mod organizer exit out of the entire program and reload

6.) open up bodyslide and find your project name in "outfit/body" and select it

7.) set the preset to "your own body preset" then click "build"


To make sure its working click "preview" and use the preview window to move the sliders back and forth.



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