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Consensual sex.

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Hi there,


One simple question but difficult to find. I have a lot of con-consensual options in my game (see mod list in my bio). But I would like to add the possibility to have consensual sex with my follower or a hot NPC. I don't want to add anything that will make my game even more unstable.


Any suggestions for good mods?

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11 hours ago, Psalam said:

You might want to try my mod, which happens to be entitled Some Consensual Sex:




Thank you for your suggestion. I play with a female PC and if I'm not mistaken your mod assumes a male PC?

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3 hours ago, NoNickNeeded said:

SexLab Romance is a very light-weight mod that adds conversation options for consensual sex.

Though I'd still give Eager NPCs a try, it has just so many nice things.


There's also SexLab Solutions, which adds ways to use sex to solve different situations.

Thank you. Will check them out. :)


Edit1: I must say Eager NPCs looks good. You can disable many options not needed. Wonder if there are conflicts with SLA and POP (see my modlist).


Edit2: whahaha LOVED the cheesy trailer of SexLab Romance. ? Made me think of Ben Stillers Scorcher trailer: 


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