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No animations work - Just standing in each other

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Hello!  I'm new to the whole Sexlab thing.  I installed everything required for SexLab, and tried to do a couple of the animations.   But each time I try, whether with custom races or vanilla ones, all they do is just... stand in each other naked, not actually doing anything.   Am I missing something?  Also, if Schlongs of Skyrim is required, I can't find it anymore sadly.  It got taken down and I can't find it.

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26 minutes ago, SavageThunder219 said:

I did install FNIS and tried to run it but I got no gender directory for male and female.  What do I need to do?


That just means you enabled the gender specific animations patch but don't have any gender specific animation. It's not even an issue. Enable the HKX compat. check and hit the Update FNIS behavior button. Then copy all the text it generates and paste it here.

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