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Can't give female sim penis in custom gender options

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Before I updated the game, and the mod, it was working fine, I was able to give female sims a penis

but after I updated both the game and the mod, I can't give female sims a penis anymore, and any futa sims I had before that point lost their penis

How do I fix this


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You can give any Sim a penis using CAS gender options (there's more than just those two icons for "male" and "female") and also choose whether they can become pregnant or can get other Sims pregnant. However, if you want both (possibly be "mother" and "father"), you'll need ColonolNutty's Custom Gender Settings in addition to WW. You should still give your futa Sims a penis in CAS though.


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It doesn't really matter whether you do that before or after, as it's just a safety measure to make sure they really do have a penis - I mean, if you create a new Sim after installing CGS you won't have that choice anymore. What you do, when you use the CAS gender options to give them a penis, is basically tell the game and WickedWhims that they have one. CGS more or less uses the same system and will actually "start" with these exact same values you set in CAS, it just gives you more options. The big difference is, that CAS gender settings are directly tied to WW (most notably, the option "has penis" is called "can use toilet standing" in the vanilla game), while CGS is an additional mod.

However, I would recommend doing it before you install CGS. That way, if anything else is wrong (conflicting mods, accidentially installed censorship), you'll notice it, because the penis still won't show up in-game in that case.

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You didn't install the streamer add-on by accident, did you? Because that one censors all nudity in-game, so you won't see any penis. Remove it, if you have it.

Furthermore, additional default replacements for body parts can cause issues. If you have any file that's named something like "default", "DR", "override" or anything like that, remove them and see if that fixes your problem.

If your issue still persists, try removing all mods except WickedWhims from your Mods folder (WW consists of one .package and one .ts4script file, there may be one additional package if you use a translation for WW). Delete "localthumbcache.package" found in "Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 4" and start your game. With only WW your futa Sims should definitely have a penis, if you gave them one in CAS (mine do, so I'm 99.9% sure about this).

Next, move all those mods you had back into the Mods folder - either a few at a time or using the 50/50 method (half of what's out goes back, other half stays out; test and iterate). That way, you'll find the mod that's interfering with WW and causing your issue - update it, if possible, or remove it, if there's no update.

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If your issue still persists, try removing all mods except WickedWhims from your Mods folder (WW consists of one .package and one .ts4script file, there may be one additional package if you use a translation for WW). Delete "localthumbcache.package" found in "Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 4" and start your game. With only WW your futa Sims should definitely have a penis, if you gave them one in CAS (mine do, so I'm 99.9% sure about this).

Did exactly this and my penis still isn't showing up. Wicked Whims is the only mod and it still won't give me my penis

I didn't install the streamer version either, I double checked.

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I just realized there's one possible reason for your issue, that I completely forgot about.

Have you checked Body Selector? You need to have a WW compatible penis installed (I'd recommend Noir's or LunarEclipse's), so add one or more to your Mods folder before launching the game. Once you've loaded your household, click on your futa Sim, select "Wicked", then "Body Selector" and "All Sims". There you should see options for female soft and hard penis (because you gave your futa Sim a penis in CAS), so check both of them. If they are set to default, there'll be no visible penis, but as soon as you select one, it should show up in-game (note that you need to set both soft and hard options, or there'll be no erections during sex).

You can also assign a different penis to individual Sims by selecting "This Sim" in Body Selector, but changing it for all Sims first saves you some time.

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Giving them a penis in CAS is one thing, having one show up in-game is another. If you never changed the settings in Body Selector, all futa Sims will have whatever WW considers the default nude bottom for females with a penis - and if that is just the default female nude bottom, there will be no penis but a vagina. In the past, it may have been the default penis (aka male nude bottom), but now it apparently isn't anymore - so you have to change that manually.

You can think of it as something similar to Windows and its color scheme. The default for Win10 (as seen when you enter Settings) is white background with blue icons and black/grey lettering. You can change that to dark background, white letters and yellow icons and it'll stay this way (probably, it's Windows after all). If you don't change it, it will still be set to "default", and once Microsoft decides that the new default color scheme will be blue background, white letters and icons, your color scheme will change to reflect that, because it's still set to "default" and not anything specific.

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You folks are not talking about the same thing.

I also believe this an issue effecting (but not necessarily caused by) Nissa's Wicked Perversions.

Nissa's adds a menu item to the shift-click menu on sims. It's not labeled with text on my system but has the same icon as the Tam Explorer on the computer.

This menu adds several options, one of which is an option to add or remove a penis from the sim. This option has indeed disappeared for me as well. I'm not sure if it's a problem caused by the game update itself, by the latest version of WW, or the latest version of Nissa's. I updated both after the recent game update.

But anyway it was a very useful function because it's bothersome to have to go into CAS (which cancels all interactions that are in progress on the lot) just to add or remove a penis from an NPC sim. Using the Nissa's right-click menu option only interrupted the interactions between that sim and whoever was interacting with them, and was instant without having to load into/out of CAS.

So at any rate, this might be better discussed on the thread for Nisa's Wicked Perversions.

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I can confirm that Nisa's Wicked Pervs is not the reason for this kind of issue (I can't say anything about it being affected by the issue, as I don't experience it).

I just tested it with version 2.5b (updated Tuesday) of the mod, updated WW and the most recent version of BMD. Everything works fine and any Sim that should have a penis, has a penis. The option to add or remove a female Sim's penis is still found under "WP Extras" when shift-clicking the Sim, for me it shows up on the second "page" of the menu. And of course the penis shows up in-game, no matter which way I select a Sim to have one (would be silly not to check that, wouldn't it?).


Anyway, with an updated game and the most recent version of WW (plus penis, since I don't know if WW's default is for females, too) everything should work. If it doesn't, remove the mod entirely, re-download it and go through all steps of the installation again. Check if both custom content and script mods are enabled in the game settings, make sure no .package or .ts4script file is deeper than one subfolder within Mods and so on.


A little side note regarding Wicked Pervs (and BMD): If you're playing TS4 Legacy Edition, the mod won't function properly. Potential outcomes of this include menu items not showing up, missing features and LastExceptions.

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