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  1. I cant download AAF from moddingham it wont let me do I actually need to make an account on that website too? seriously fuck this parlor shit
  2. videos are not playing could be an issue with VOTW itself and not your mod, but i dont know any way to fix?
  3. You're welcome So I used TES5 Edit, the tool will show you what changes the ESP does to your game Look for any changes to the leveled lists, and simply delete them. Ive been using this tool for other armor mods that puts their armor into leveled lists, it's surprisingly easy to use, I didn't even use a tutorial, as long as you have some Creation Kit knowledge, you should be able to use it just fine
  4. Sure here is my version of the .esp file https://drive.google.com/file/d/1fXyfsygWDQPyVt3TjpskfVxn1cDa7L8C/view?usp=sharing
  5. ah okay thank you I have no more problems thank you for this amazing mod
  6. Im having more issues In bodyslide none of my presets are showing up for the female version of the armors the only preset I have is this weird ass pregnant body called CBBE aa_Test
  7. It worked, thanks it's a surprisingly easy tool to use great mod btw
  8. Help! All of the bandits and NPCs that wear armor are all wearing bikini armor I only want it to be craftable for my character and followers only
  9. I'd like to just chalk it down to nexus being a cesspit of dumbasses
  10. Can't find a decent eye glasses mod for Skyrim on the Nexus, just huge goggles or modern sunglasses, meanwhile on loverslab you got the glasses from bloodborne; very nice and period appropriate eyewear Vampire replacer mods on nexus are really lacking, but then you go to lover's lab and you can replace the vampire lord form with Dante's devil trigger why is this website so much cooler than nexus mods? lol
  11. I am 27 and ive never had a girlfriend I may never meet her.
  12. those look a little too buffed out for me thanks for the response anyway
  13. I dont like the default body, the thighs are ginormous are there any better bodys that is compatible with your mod?
  14. I dont like the default body, the thighs are ginormous are there any better bodys that is compatible with your mod?
  15. but I never needed to install a compatible penis in the past, it used to just give my female sim a penis in the CAS with no fuss and trouble
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