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Cre Miko CBBE Bodyslide

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Description: [NIND] CBBE Cre_Miko LE v 1.0.0

CBBE Bodyslide conversion of the Miko outfit by Crential:



Changes Made:
-Conversion to CBBE Bodyslide 
-Oily Body
-Standard Zaps



Use the usual methods by either a mod manager or manual install.



Utilize AdditemMenu and search "Cre Miko"

Credit to Crential for the Outfit.


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1 hour ago, NIND (jimmyyu) said:

I think it was in GomaPero Pack 14


Strange.  I have that one and haven't seen it.  I'll double check next time I play.  BTW, loving all your outfits.  I've created a separate folder in my mod archives just for your work. ^-^


EDIT:  Found it but for some reason it doesn't have the ball, just the motions.  Which is extra strange since my other Goma Pero poses have all their objects.

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