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Tongue Poser

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Just installed poser hotkeys plus.

It comes with togue options, but I still cant figure out how to make those work.

Downloaded Halo tongues pack, thought the mod needed those assets, but still nothing

First I though maybe it's because I didn't activate the esp file (since poser hotkeys already automatizes a lot of stuff) But after activating halo's esp, tongue functions still do nothing


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1 hour ago, myuhinny said:

tongues are already posed in specific poses and are only equitable like a accessory piece just like their Hfeet m

Yeah, I managed to see some tongues using Halo tongues mod esp by itself. Additem menu, get the tongue items, equip them and they show up.

But that's not the point, the point is hot to make Poser Hotkeys Plus tongues work. I think they're the same as Halo's mod, but they should be able to be used by hotkeys and menus, and they arent, at least for me.


The mod page provides no further info on this, it just drops a feature, and doesnt explain how to get it working.

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