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Sim3 Upload advice sought

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Hi folks!


Im hoping to upload some of my sims and maps to the site but I wanted to ask some questions of the experienced simmers out thewre.


1) How do you put everything together into one file (So the CC comes with the sim)?


2) Should I list the CC sources (if known) in the description or anything?


3) Should I clear inventories (Dont want them to be laggy)?  What about additional outfits (Like having two swimsuits)?


Im sure I will come up with more questions as soon as I post this but I think those the main things.


Have fun and happy Simming!



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25 minutes ago, Skywise said:

So the CC comes with the sim


25 minutes ago, Skywise said:

Should I list the CC sources


LL is a player mod site. Posting other peoples mods, or official EA content is likely going to cause problems. While some 'private' file sharing happens, those examples ARE private, not posted for the world to see.


Now there are examples where the files 'use' code or other things only accessible by owning the game, but on their own they don't break any rules.


Now you 'could' upload these questionable files elsewhere and provide a link to them in your description, but from where I sit, this is probably your only option. If in doubt, and you value your LL member status, contact a moderator after carefully reading the forum rules.


Good Luck

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Sometimes the game makes a terrible job packing CC along your sim / lot and other times the CC might have problems or conflicts and cause a lot of headaches, so is better to not include anything and instead ask to download it separately (also yes some creators are very sensible as to who is using their content).


When I share my sims I try to make a blank state for everything, Mastercontroller allows you to transfer the genetics from one sim to another (I think you need to have the ‘cheats’ module) but you can also do it when making a new sim on ‘Create-a-Sim’: generate a new sim then go to the library and select the sim you want to share, once selected the original will have the same face/body but wont have any experience, saved outfits, relationships, etc.

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