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Newmiller Elven Summoner CBBE Bodyslide

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Newmiller Elven Summoner CBBE Bodyslide

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Description: CBBE Newmiller Elven Summoner v 1.0.0

CBBE Bodyslide conversion of the set by the same name:




Changes Made:
-Conversion to CBBE Bodyslide 
-Female Weighing fixed
-Oily body option
-Crotchless and Cupless Zaps Available



Use the usual methods by either a mod manager or manual install.



Utilize AdditemMenu and search "Elven Summoner"

Credit to Newmiller for the skyrim outfit and 
reaper78 https://www.deviantart.com/reaper78/art/Concept-Elven-Female-Magician-209994389
for inspiration (via newmiller)



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35 minutes ago, Durante said:

Hey, I'm enjoying your awesome conversions so far. Have you considered converting more of NewMiller's work?


Specifically  Velvet nocturnal CBBE dress SMP PE


And especially Ceremonial mage armor CBBE UNP SMP-PE



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Nocturnal; 94776-1542738376-943205067.jpeg



Ceremonial mage;93022-1552160380-1417490852.jpeg






I'll definitely do these in the near future!  next is the crazy magician glass robe 

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