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  1. The offsprings are full sized adults from birth on BOTN, the creator made it part of the lore as well, I guess it saves the hassle. Fallout 4 children looked very generic but not near the creepy levels of Skyrim 😁, I guess therein lies one of the problems, you'd have to put in the same amount of resources and time in diversifying them as much as the adult characters if using a separate rig for them. I'm actually playing Bannerlord right now, they do indeed seem to scale down the character and it works, though the progression still needs some tweaking, they made a cut off point at 21 where the npc's body actually becomes full sized, so you have this weird looking "gremlin" adults with an abnormally short and tiny body for a long time that doesn't grow. The blending is there also, though its basic in its essence where offsprings look like a copy of their parents gender, for the most part.
  2. I can't seem to get the setup to work with the latest patch. The excitement bar instantly rises to max on AAF UI and then all the Leito stages simply switch from stage 1 to stage 4 in a matter of a few seconds.
  3. Thank you for updating this gem. It has become a staple in my load order.
  4. If you want you can pm me the list of the mods you use and then share the findings here if we find the issue. Though I still think it most likely is mortal weapons that's conflicting, so I've stopped using body search on playthroughs where mortal weapons is enabled.
  5. You have a good taste. She kinda reminds me of Xena the warrior princess actress- Lucy Lawless. 🙂
  6. Hello. Been tracking your game again, joined you on patreon too. I realize I basically skimmed through your question and got to sharing ideas for some other mechanic. Since I am still fairly certain this one would be great to have I'll share some ideas. I realize this would be for much later to implement, but here's how I see it how you could jump past hurdles. You could simply spawn offsprings of decreased size, say 0.3 size and increase them gradually to 1.0 when they're fully "grown". No need for unique animations or models. However, what would be interesting is if the offsprings shared traits of the player and NPC, or same thing if NPC x NPC is a thing . The traits would be body type contributed by slider settings + randomization+potions and hair, skin, eye color based on parents 50-50% or a mix between the two. If you want a good example of how blending is done, sims 4 has it, though for adult games breeders of nephelym implemented the system and its pretty amazing even more so. The only hurdle to go past is save bloat if the unique npcs are stored in it.
  7. How does it work exactly? Do we change the eyes in a MCM, hotkey? Racemenu?
  8. You can try your luck with the author of KS Hairdos mod Kalilies too. They are fairly active at updating their mod. So they also might be up for it. Hope you get it done though.
  9. Well first of all, Osex is an independent framework from Sexlab. They are not supposed to recognize each other. As per your other issue, I would try to make sure you are not missing any installation requirements its easy to forget to install small mods like papyrus or jcontainer that sexlab and its animations need. You can also install "sexlab tools" which will help you select animations and stages from the list easier. Sexlab tools for se patched
  10. There is dint999#2897 on discord. I dare say he is a master at making hairstyles and actually releases hairstyle mods with physics along with some armor mods. So try your luck.
  11. Can't seem to make any of the keys respond during choice of action. It only keeps saying "looking for a chance" so it doesn't matter what I press. Also, all the letters XX BVB VBHABSJ AHSUDHAHFA is just too much anyone to press in time, a lot of those letters could also be hotkeys better just to leave the arrows
  12. What about that tremendous of a work mod Hela? Did or does he plan re-uploading it elsewhere? That was one of the most amazing and fun dungeon quest mods + follower ever, Bethesda should learn a thing or two lol.
  13. Same. Though the mod was a pleasant surprise still, always wanted marriage support for Frea or dat milf Valerica 😂
  14. Honestly, I have a different perspective. They owe almost everything to their success. The day they cut out mod support is the day their games will become mediocre meat grinder RPG's that everyone forgets about 5 years down the line. They could try to create a nearly bug free, graphically jaw dropping game like for example RDR2 but will they? Nah. Just need the bare minimum and some sweet little lies.
  15. Thanks. I tried it, and love all the cum effects at the end of animation, but the problem still persists. 😥
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