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  1. Amazing work. Will be closely following this. A question. This looks similar to "Racemenu Animated Overlays" Will they get along? I use that mod to blur out overlays until combat starts.
  2. There is issue with the bed animations. The NPC's and the player are clipping through them and end up sleeping below the bed. Once the animation ends they teleport back sleeping on the bed.
  3. I've used this mod for years, but for some reason, or some mod combination may be putting this mod off the charts, I found out that this mod was making 100 megabytes worth of papyrus dumps in a matter of half an hour and contributing to stutters or save corruptions.
  4. Have fun with that, I remember uninstalling it, because it can get buggy and its abandoned it also permanently changes vanilla Skyrim records, your save game will be permanently stuck with it so be careful 😁
  5. OH! I completely forgot! Be sure to check out Yuriana wench mod and Immersive wenches, the Yuriana one involves freeing buxom wenches from bandits, all with story quests, all voiced. The immersive wenches one adds wenches in inns and you can do infinite radiant quests to rescue them from bandit locations. As for the distributing wealth for poor in an automatic way I have no ideas, but there are mods like "give gifts to anyone" it's voiced, and you can either gift items or set amount of gold determined by console, recipients relationship rank then also increases with you. There are mods like Faction Economy Complete that will do the job of distributing your sold gear to the faction the blacksmith/store keeper owes allegiance to, so factions like bandits, wizards, stormcloaks, imperials along many others are covered.
  6. Here's some of my impressions; Male PC: When going to bed with "go to bed" mod, wiggles his ass to drop off his armor, seems hilarious, but its more suitable for female, best leave off the vanilla shoulder rubbing for undressing. Then there are some hilarious ones over the top Although I was pleasantly surprised by radiant idles like the follower doing pushups on rest in houses
  7. There is a follower mod called "Andromeda" based on the Ancient Greek myth. You're supposed to rescue a follower by defeating a monster, and then she follows you, custom voiced (snipped voice files)
  8. Are the followers still supposed to be captured alongside the player? It doesn't seem to occur with followerlivepackages
  9. Just to give an update, I found the pesky causer of crashes, which was mt_behavior.hkx file I suppose it will be because of a badly installed/uninstalled animations. Quite surprising it had affected CK as much. Edit: It was OSA animation packs oddly enough.
  10. After the newest update I can't reset tears/drools in the MCM which get auto-applied everytime yps immersive fashion updates such as lipstick or eyeshadow applying
  11. Probably because it's from a movie 😁😁😁 "We're the Millers"
  12. Huh? Where do you enable them? They worked fine in the previous builds. And I have the animation for it installed.
  13. Cover self is not available even if you're completely butt naked 😂 Oh, and stick tongue out is also not available, I assume its also context sensitive action? And yes you are right combat taunts work with weapons drawn, my bad on that one.
  14. Some of the stuff in the wheel is not implemented yet? Like cover self is not available, along with some combat idles, not sure if tease works correctly it just raises arousal real quickly while standing still
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