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  1. I recommend removing player movement lock altogether from both LE and SE. I had almost always had it bug out when applying color to the feet and permanently locking movement, that is why I have foregone that feature in its entirety.
  2. The blood elixirs to revert body changes DO NOT WORK. I've tested them in multiple save games for various effects. If you're going to eat an ingredient that significantly bloats your belly or gives you pointy shaped hips, the damage is permanent and you're stuck with it. Otherwise you can simply add all the ingredients in-game, eat them to know which decrease the distorted body, then mix multiple potions to fix the issue, which takes forever btw.
  3. Some of the issues I've encountered so far is that there are seams in eyes for the helmet and the greaves. Also, after a while it seems the helmet starts to flicker and the players hair pops out through the helmet, which I suppose isn't that bad depending on the hairstyle, the armor itself is really nice.
  4. I use homemaker and have no such issue. CRX has its own category so it couldn't be moved. Maybe, they mod is failing to register under a heavy workload?
  5. Yes well, I figured out the problem, it's the speculars on the textures. There is clean 8k textures for fusion girl on nexus but none for dirty. Otherwise you could try, like I did, editing the speculars on gimp/photoshop. Basically you have to increase the exposure by a little bit so you don't make the textures too shiny. You'll also have to edit the face and hands so that the wetness matches.
  6. My bad. Skyrim had completely glitched out on that session, I tried playing again and there were no problems. Cheers 🤙
  7. Do you think you could add voiced pregnancy announcements to NPC's via xVAsynth? That would be amazing.
  8. Thanks for the advices. I've tried the game without TAA, but its not it. The colours and sharpness up close themselves are different from LE Rudy, all together SE Rudy was built differently, their ENB folders are of different sizes too.
  9. Okay so the pee self thing doesn't happen randomly anymore. However something else much more serious is broken now: Stamina regeneration. Even if your character has their needs met stamina will not regenerate anymore. Although the penalties were ridiculous to begin with 70% stamina regen reduction for both needs together 🤯
  10. I am not blaming you, the other SE port posted had the same issue. But this is amazing dude, I'll test it out and let you know.
  11. I think your sim is missing the overlay textures that he has in everyday and athletic setup. You'll have to find what he uses for skin, hair, face and then apply it on sleep and swim mode, including makeup overlays if any
  12. This version has pee self function broken, even if its disabled every single hit or collision object that hits the player will make the player pee themselves every 1-2 minutes, its hilarious.
  13. OK. So I may have solved my problem with the notifications thing. I had forgotten about the bashed patch. So after rebuilding it everything seemed to have been working fine again.
  14. Only FPE_baby_addons is overwriting some of the stuff. I use MO2 so updating shouldn't be the problem. And changing the percentages doesn't do a thing, it's always stuck at 4% or 10%
  15. I get none of that. Sometimes it says the % chance but not so often.
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