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Flowergirls Animation replacer

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Hello guys , Can anyone help me finding a mod which replaces the sexlab animations with flowergirls?


Also how can I initiate animations between 2 npcs without using fornicate spell of flowergirls?


I cant possibly initiate animation between Serana with any other npcs :/


thank you for your help :)

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1.  FlowerGirls(FRAMEWORK)  uses  animations created by people for Sexlab and chosen by its creator… - You  could say its an alternative to SL

     anims in FG are from  Milky, Leito,...basically all notable modders/anim  creators 

2.  you cant (since FG  uses dialogue for NPC you're  talking  to and successfully romanced her/him and all you can do is have 3way)

     only NPC-NPC  is  with an  additional mod where NPCs will use  FlowerGirls services

3. you cant ,  she  is  locked to Player, but you  can have threesome with her and another NPC via dialogue



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