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Convert SAP and Ryding Style.

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Here, I try to convert SAP and Ryding Style into animation mod.


For SAP, even converted and the plugin converted format 44 with CK, when I launch FNIS, it tells me HKX not countable.
As for Ryding Style, I don't know how to do it since the mod contains a master, an esm.


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On 3/18/2020 at 11:19 PM, hana120 said:

Here, I try to convert SAP and Ryding Style into animation mod.


For SAP, even converted and the plugin converted format 44 with CK, when I launch FNIS, it tells me HKX not countable.
As for Ryding Style, I don't know how to do it since the mod contains a master, an esm.


After convert animation hkx to 64bit,,  run FNIS, then if error happen about behavor file hkx.

 Sometimes you need to run generateFNISforModder and select FNIS_SAP_List.txt in animation folda,, then  generate, FNIS_SAP_Behavior.hkx  file 

(and overwrite old one)


 I convert for test, sap v 1.4.   there seems no problem for me when run  FNIS XXL. (no erroer message about SAP)

I think this pack is more new than your link version, is not it?



one texture seems show erroer  with nif optimizer scan. about texture format .  (I re-save it as compatible format)

though I do not know how it work with SE. may check in game.



So I reset Sexlab database,,to assign again,, (and all SLAL pack ,with zaz again ^^;)

then it seems work, though if some animation need to adjust position,, or scale etc,, for your actors.


 ,but I think if those animation have been already included in sexlab or other animation pack ?  I do not know..

when I use tag 3jiou ,, SL tool show these animations, so I afraid, if my DB duplicated,,same animation (but different name)







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8 minutes ago, hana120 said:

What about Ryding Styles?

Show your FNIS log,, , and actually which link you tried to convert?  in your page, there are some link. so I do not know which version you tried.

if you show me link, clear, (and your download zip name)  I may try same thing, if you hope.


then  did  you generateFnisforModder,, to generate behavor.hkx  as I mentioned. about your donwloaded animation list?

because same procedure should work for most of case, without the animation are so old and not write correctly. 


And recent version of 3jiou SLAL pack seems released for LE, I think it already include your mentioned file. 




I may prefer convert the SLAL pack.  but do not know if it include the Ryidng Styles or not.



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14 minutes ago, hana120 said:

I just tested the version that you have linked me. Always the same, FNIS XXL tells me hkx no compatible.

Once I launch FNISforModder and generate the file. What should I do?

if you tested same veriosn which I linked above,, (SAP 1.4 zip)  it should work. 

1.  convert animation HKX and mesh for SE  (and one texture I found) 

2.  run generateFNISforModders, and it generate new behavor hkx.  if you use Mo2, it may auto overwrite old one. (made for LE)

3. run  generateFNISfor Users again, and make batch as usuall. (check if it show same erroer, or actually is it SAP aniamtion,

or other animation mod?  I do not know)


Then there is almost no need to convert esp ,, but it not related FNIS erroer.  I suppose you need to overwrite behavor file. but if it not work

I can not help at all. (maybe the animation is not compatible,, even though you convert it for recent FNIS )


then to confirm with my old eye, please add your log of FNIS. or just show SS,, which discribe the erroer about the animation. 

so I can see, what file is wrong, and what message is discribed, in FNIS UI.

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Just now, hana120 said:

However, animations do not appear in game.
I have SAP in the mcm with animations to check.
But in SLAL loader and in the animation list with sexlab tool, they are not there.

you need to reset DB of sexlab MCM unfortuantely,, then may need to active again, other animation (sometimes, or often you need this step,,

everytime you add new animations, (which not made as SLAL)

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to check,, actually the animation are registered for sexlab, you may better check sexlab MCM, menu,  and serch if sap animation is there or not..

(check all page),, even though you check animation in MCM,,, it need to register for sexlab DB. so you can see it in Animation list (sexlab tools etc) 

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Some other small questions.
I installed Vilja as a companion mod. Lesoucis when she undresses, there are graphic concerns.
His feet are ugly without details, large with black spots.
Is it because the mod wants that?

Why are there no group entertainment with different creatures?
There is for example Dragon on Horse, and we see with the loading screen of Sexlab a dragon, a horse, a wolf and a rabbit.
Why is there no animation with a dragon, a horse and a human.

Can followers be infected by spriggan with SD +?

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23 hours ago, hana120 said:

Некоторые другие маленькие вопросы.
Я установил Vilja в качестве сопутствующего мода. Lesoucis, когда она раздевается, возникают графические проблемы.
Ноги уродливые без деталей, большие с черными пятнами.
Это потому, что мод хочет этого?

Почему нет групповых развлечений с разными существами?
Например, «Дракон на коне», и мы видим на экране загрузки Sexlab дракона, коня, волка и кролика.
Почему нет анимации с драконом, лошадью и человеком.

Могут ли подписчики быть заражены спригганом с помощью SD +?

замени вилье тело,она для лора делалась.

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10 minutes ago, hana120 said:

Это хорошо, мне удалось.
Я заменил ягодицы моего тела.
А перейти от UNP к CBBE или 7Base сложно?
Это хорошо, мне удалось.


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13 minutes ago, hana120 said:

Я просто спросил. Потому что я хотел бы знать, как это сделать.

нет чёрных пятен?

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