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My characters stand in each other

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Download SLAL ( SexLab Animation Loader )


open Mods Menu, find SexLab and Registers all animations again open Console "~" and you should see Debug Messages in console

if there is no Messages, your SL is not loading any animations


You can also Register all animations for SLAL


im not sure it will help but once i had similar problem, my char and npc were jsut standing in place and playing sounds but no animations

simple Register Animations works for me ...




but maybe one question from me... it may be stupid question but some ppl are even more stupid then this question...

- Do You have any animations installed in your game?...

SexLab and FNIS don't provide you any animations...


if You dont have animations at all, how u want to play them?...

- Do You have at least ZaZ animations pack?...




SexLab is just framework to play Animations

FNIS is just "framework" or something to register and create behaviors...


but i never make animations so i can't give you better help...


You need both to use Sex Mods but also You need

Mod that provide you animations ( for example ZaZ or SLAL Animations )

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10 hours ago, Gecko hecko said:

So I just got sex lab but when I do the generate for users thing I get no errors but I my character and the npc still stand in each other. They make noise, but no animation

 Do they stand in a T Pose like this





Or do they stand naturally, as if idling?


If they are in T-Pose then you haven't run FNIS as DontKnowDontCare said or if they are in an idle pose then it sounds like you've installed new animations that need activating in the SLAL MCM.

Sexlab DOES come with some animations included.

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