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How do I make poses and expressions with my character for screenshots?

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Hi! I personally use:


Facial expressions:


How to use it:

These mods give you rings. You equip one ring each time.


For expressions, you should equip the ring from your inventory named zzExpressionRing (or something like that) and then a menu will appear before you. You can choose what expressions you'd like to 'equip'.


Now for poses: you have two matching rings. One named Selector and other named Player.

The Selector displays a menu (like the expressions) and you select a pose. Once you've already picked a number of pose, you equip the next ring which is the one named Player.

The Player only makes your character to do the pose you selected before.


Pay attention to the numbers. Many rings will be added, for example: ring1Selector, ring1Player, ring2Selector, ring2Player, etc. The rings will only match their numbers. You cannot equip the ring2Selector and then use the ring1Player because the animation you picked will only be displayed when you equip the corresponding ring2Player.


Again, this is only an example, names may vary.


Showcase video (not mine) so you can see how the rings work.

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9 hours ago, LLabUser999 said:

A good example of this is the images here: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/33555


How do I make my character do these sexy poses and expressions? I have no clue how to do this. Especially the one screenshot where the panties are being pulled down her hips.

without you make pose  by your self, you may  start with pose or animation mod, and  apply those pose for NPC.

There are many pose (and animation ) mod   you may easy find them. in loverslab (I recommend, start with Anuketh offered link)


Of course you can still use magic ring, but  we have already good pose mods, which can apply pose with hot-keys. with many function.

(like adjust transform of the actor)


like poser hot key plus for SE



or use original poser hot key  (though I do not know if it already up-dated for SE etc,, )


About expression I usually just use this mod, with mix use above link poser hotkey plus for SE



And there are some unique mod, you can adjust pose in game,, but I seldom use it, so do not know how to. 

but it may offer more flexiblity, if you clear understand key config etc..


Then About sexy morphed  clothing,

I suppose some clothing may offer special sexy version.as option.    or some clothing may offer  Body slider morph, which can tweak in game.

it depend on clothing mods. so you may serch armor or clothings mods, and see discriptions, some mod  may offer such morphed shape for clothings.


Then  Actually you can make it by your self as you like (such pull skirt etc)   , and  can tweak in game,, , but you need to learn how to use Out fit studio.  

or some user may simply edit clothing  nifs, with 3d aprications,, (max or blender)  for static render... I suppose.


I usually use Outifit studio. then make original morph, if I really need it..  then apply it in game. 


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