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I want to fix my CK's missing femalehead tint mask

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After much trial and error and research I believe that the reason behind my black face issues is a CK error I shouldn't ignore:


TEXTURES: femalehead is missing a facegen tint map


When I save an esp in CK, the facegen parts are generated, yet they still produce black face - even a basic mod like just changing a vanilla NPC hair.


Seems to me that due to the missing tint map, CK is exporting incorrectly calculated tint masks for the edited NPC.


How can I just get this missing tint map sorted? Unfortunately the error message says nothing about the file path, so I can't really troubleshoot.

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Not sure what you have already tried but I seem to remember you need to set all the RGB values in the tints section to 0 value, or 255, then you need to export the face info by selecting the npc's and doing CTRL + F4


Apologies if you are already past trying those things

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