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Red-Light/Pleasure Stations


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(This is just an Idea, as I have no Modding skills whatsoever)


"A space station made for the lonelier travellers of the Stars. This Station features specialized areas for the purpose of pleasure & adult entertainment, but it will be costly."


The premise is, in technicality, a Space Station made to be a brothel/whorehouse. The place features strip-clubs, sex shops, adult theaters and, of course, brothels. The station features both male and female-oriented places, and features a large housing section where everyone sleeps and "does business". All manners of races can be found, including florans, humans, Apex, Glitches, and other playable races/races that can utilize the Sexbound API, Including Big Sis Poptops and Alpataur populations if the right mods (Blake's Terramon (https://www.loverslab.com/topic/132100-blakes-terramons/) & BTF Sexbound Terraphilia (https://www.loverslab.com/topic/132307-btf-sexbound-terraphilia/)) are installed.


(Please put ideas & opinions in the comments, I'd love to hear about ideas for additions & tweaks.)

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I have had a similar idea, but like you I have no modding skills either..

Maybe the red light areas can be on more remote places where people can party without worry? Like a bit to the side, so it really looks like a place not everyone would wander into.

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