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stuck in wicked whims setting

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so....i downloaded everything correctly but when playhing i have to choose for sex position and i chose the side sex or whatever its called then the wicked whims setting just shows nothing and i cant back off the only way is to close the game completly.....basically i cant have sex bcs i cant open the wicked whims setting or im stuck is there any solution please??

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So you don't see anything in the window that opens after selecting a location for sex, do I get that right? As in "I click the bed, select Wicked and then Oral (or sth else), and then a window pops up"? If so, have you downloaded any animations for WW? The mod itself doesn't come with more than a few, so you definitely need to download some.

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Yes I downloaded the wild guy animation...but the only problem is that when I open the wicked whims settings I won't be able to leave it anymore... Like if I press the X button nothing happens I'm just stuck there pressing the X hoping it would back off but nope...so I have to restart my game 

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