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CBBE 55accessory 10 Piercings 2Earings

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CBBE 55accessory 10 Piercings 2Earings

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Description: CBBE 55accessory I(Piercings/Pasties) v 1.0.0



NIND here again, this time with a set of 10 piercings, two earrings, and a collar converted to CBBE.
This is meant to be expanded upon to creat a large accessories collection, with some additional color options provided in this version.

Changes Made:
Changes Made:
-Conversion to CBBE Bodyslide
-Changed slots of all pasties to 51 (same as devious devices) for compatibility with other tops.
-Added ~6 new piercing variants/recolors


Use the usual methods by either a mod manager or manual install.


Utilize AdditemMenu and search "55"  

Thank you to the original creator of these meshes, unknown though you are.......


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  • Requires
    Outfit Studio/Bodyslide 4.9+ ; CBBE; HDT physics
  • Special Edition Compatible


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