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i have a problem that makes no sense(HELP!)

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so i got all the basic sexout files installed and working however there is one problem.


when i install NVSE extender in data/nvse/plugins my game crashes when i load.


i have uninstalled every mod i have (i only have the neccesary mods for sexout tryout) and re-installed them, i even uninstalled the entire new vegas game and erased everything and re-installed from scratch. which took all day.


i have tried running as administrator still nothing.  when i remove NVSE extender i can load my game with all my mods loaded and set them in the MCM ect (but they obviously wont work with out extender)


then i re-install the extender and its back to crashing when i load.


i tried loading the game with one mod at a time but it still crashes as long as NVSE extender is loaded.


i put nvse extender  in the exact folder that the installation description says, MCM.dll is in there as well and it runs fine.


everytime its the same "falloutNV has stopped working"

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