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Just went i thought my modding hours were behind me...

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Did a few days of intense skyrim modding and found this video, Im considering of switching to the Kountervibe northern Light ENB but it appears to be incompatible with quote" Climates of Tamriel, Realistic Lighting Overhaul or ANY other weather, imagespace modifier."

Just want to know if anyone had used or is using Northern Light ENB and whether if the trade off is worth the hassle.




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1. Pretty sure no one needs to tell you what your opinion is supposed to be.


2. MXR is about three years out of the loop at least. Also literal lol at K being "sharper" when aside from pixel sharpening there is zero sharpening in any K ENB, as they are literally designed to do the opposite. AA in general and specifically skyrim looks jank and hits framerate like a truck, so Kyo cheats and used other things to blur literally everything. lighting spaces, models edges, fx particles, whatever. Triple fucking lol at using Demoniac, which is the most pixellated skin available outside of SG ever. ever. You can literally see the squares of color, even at 1080 res, and at 4K it looks like an Atari sprite, never mind 8K.


3. Kyo puts an assload of work into his mods from top to bottom so yeah they're 100% incompatible with other weather mods because they have their own.


4. Since Kyo uses AO and Bloom as AA and dithering to both fade ("tonemapping" )the imagespace and because he refuses to upgrade his gpu or monitor, upon viewing his work on 2K or larger screen space, especially one with 10 bit color or HDR over 350nits, you're going to see blur and haze covering everything, because his enb are designed for 1080 and 6bit color, period. Kyo also runs 90% of the post processing through the bloom pipeline so without that haze and blur, you literally don't have an enb, so turning off AO and Bloom are not options.


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