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Raider Queens - Legendary Female Raider Faces Revamp

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Yeah that never made sense too. Her husband was a balding motherfucker. Even in vanilla Tina looks legit. More like he sneaks into her room and beats off when she’s asleep.  But at least take the dirt off her face she’s a vault dweller. Why is she covered in shit? 


I feel you.


yesterday it didn’t bother me in my game but now it does.


and I was actually planning on uploading a tampon mod that has a string w cloth physics this week on nexus cause I wanted some funny reactions to laugh at during the fight.


This seems more important cause it’s going to stop me from playing my game.

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49 minutes ago, zword said:

Could ask how you can convert vanilla female raider's faces into the face you want?


also, I consult you, can you just use fo4edit to achieve vanilla female's changing their face shape to you desirable face?

Actually you want to use Looks Menu, Face Ripper & xEdit.

I do it all the time. LOL


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On 2/26/2020 at 2:08 PM, Senator Blutarsky said:

You looking to make it as a mod for sep esp or just for your game? 



 just for My game for trying real pretty face(Aesthetic view) on basegame female enemy.

I hope

is there a single tutorial for [ (Looks Menu, Face Ripper , xEdit) or ( looks menu present ,CK) ] to assemble for complete npc replacer?

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