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Sexout and pose mods

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Groovatron will completely break Sexout.

I use Groovatron and Sexout just fine and all the pose mods that go along with it as well as more pose mods on top of that.


What you have to do is the standard fix for any mod that inherited its codebase from an Umpa mod.

Open in FNVEdit, find any vanilla top level animation blocks like KnockedDownIdles and remove them.

Check that none of the mod's animations have the vanilla top level block as a parent and, if they do,

change the parent entry to a null reference (id:00000000).


This will make the mod's animations top level animation blocks and as long as they use selection correctly,

and all the ones I've seen do (using token possession and/or faction membership and/or idle markers and/or

some other selection mechanism), they'll not interfere with Sexout. I've had no issues using them together

after performing this fix.


First, read the FAQ. Secondly, post these questions in the relevant forum threads.



If my above post isn't in the FAQ (and I think there's a Prideslayer post similar to the above) it should be. Feel free to quote it if you need to.

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FAQ actually had links to both your and Prideslayer's solutions, but the links broke down after the site change. I removed the broken links and copied your solution wholly so there's less change of breaking again.


Thanks Astymma, I'm sure this will come handy for others who need a fix!

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