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Male Toy Animations

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I feel very dumb for asking this, but I've looked everywhere... Is there any animations for males using toys? I went to one thread and saw someone say there were, but they didn't list what they were. Again I couldn't find any, only female animations using toys.


To be really specific, animations for hand-held toys like dildos, vibrators, and plugs. Not machines or BDSM devices.


Sorry, and thank you for the help.

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18 hours ago, Julie J said:

If you change your Whicked Whims settings for both genders (Recognise Male & Female as Both) male and females can use the same animations.

Yes, that is true however, if it is for a male using a dildo/vibe he would literally be shoving it into his abdomen or into his dick.


Yes, there are countless of female animations that could/can be used  for male sims but they do not look right.

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