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AAF stuck at "Processing:Positions" due to themes

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So I upgraded to the latest AAF build from Nexus today and it appears that the AAF themes plugin is causing some issues that prevents AAF itself from loading.


When AAF loads, the debug log stops at Processing:Positions, as seen in screenshot19 below.


After making a minimal install of AAF and its components I found that the aforementioned AAF themes mod is causing this, regardless of how many animation packs or other AAF plugins I have.


If I disable AAF themes everything loads fine.


Everything was tested on a fresh install of Fallout 4 1.10.163 with a fresh install of F4SE 6.20


I've seen some other cases of this problem (AAF stoping at Processing:Positions) on this forum but I don't think I've yet found a definitive solution to it, especially after doing fresh installs of both the game and F4SE, as well as every AAF component and animation.


AAF is on version 113.0

AAF Themes 190806.1

AAF One Patch is 1.1.1


Has anybody experienced a similar issue, or have a solution to this? Thanks!



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