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Hello everyone.


Recently, I've been binge downloading a lot of mods to expand my all-consuming desire for mods. Most of the time, I try to keep my game vanilla friendly because certain items sometimes look out of place... and also my laptop is pretty weak performance-wise. 


Anyway, I browsed quite a lot of sites and stumbled upon this one. (Apologies if it's well known... I'm new to this stuff :D)




It has such a variety of clothing, hairstyles and accessories. From what I've observed, majority of content is free there. However, you can stumble upon certain ones which are for sponsors - sponsors being people who have a 3 dollar membership. Either way, plenty of content to choose from and download.

Figured that I could share, so people searching for same type of content can enjoy it too. 



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15 minutes ago, TBrandes said:

Thanks for the link. I found some CC i'm going to use... ?

You're welcome!

Also, small tip from me. 

If you see... let's say a hair mod you like but it requires a sponsor account. What you can do is to visit the last page of the list. Strangely, locked mods are on newer pages. Where the unlocked posts are on old ones. 


As example. 

https://mystufforigin.com/rapunzel-braid-na/ can be found on earlier pages.

However if you look at the old ones (around page 40-52) you'll find it unlocked. 


https://mystufforigin.com/rapunzel-braid/  - same thing... but unlocked and no longer requiring membership. 



However, supporting the modders is always a good way to continue receiving more content!

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