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  1. Hi. Just a quick question here. Will the mod work just alright if I'm using version 1.68? I'm unable to update it because of several other mods which are waiting for an update to 1.69.
  2. Huh? You go to settings. Relationship settings. Then Cheats and check Global incest tag. In my experience, the likelihood of NPCs committing incest is very low, so you should have full control. If that's not enough, you have to earn like.... 1000 satisfaction points and unlock incest trait. Doesn't work? Go to MC Command center with woohoo version and unlock family settings. Booom, incest allowed for selected sims.
  3. This is Cassandra. She's a free spirit. She's creative, adventurous.... but also very lazy. She doesn't really want to work... so she rather keeps wandering, singing and playing music for money and finding valuables which she sells. Apologies for somewhat low quality. My laptop can't do better than this.
  4. Fortunately. But the general rule still remains. Always have automatic updates turned off, until mods update to that patch. Otherwise you risk save corruption or errors.
  5. Well, from my experience, CK2 and.... possibly CK3 modding is relatively easy. Event images and sequences are in form of an image and a written text with several options. Consequences and results are in form of modifiers. It's not that hard to get into, fortunately for me. xD But hey, I've always been told. If you want something specific in your own games, stop asking for it and do it yourself. Which... is reasonable. Skyrim modding terrifies me. That's why I respect skyrim modders so much. Same for Sims 4 modders. Way too much work put into making something work.
  6. I kinda felt same way about Crusader Kings 2. I'm nearing to around 5000 hours in that game alone. Mostly contributed due to fact that this game has total conversion mods for Game of Thrones, Elder scrolls and Warhammer. The ultimate mix of strategy and roleplaying with nigh infinite possibilities. Second comes Stellaris. But that game needs couple of more DLCs before it's perfect. Now they're releasing the next title of CK3... and I'm going to again abandon all games to play it xD. Hell, I'm even considering if I should get my lazy ass out there and start mod
  7. So, couple of things. You need to have both custom content and script mods enabled. Put any downloaded .package animation files into Mods, not the WickedWhims folder. That should be sufficient enough. After that, in the game you have to select an object. Be it bed, floor or anything else. Animations should show up... if you have ones which can be played. If you don't. download some more. Other than that, if you're attempting to bang someone in your family, you have to turn on the global incest switch in relationship cheats. Otherwise it won't play any
  8. Can't decide if it's funny or very much cursed. Btw you can post the images, then edit the post, click on a spoiler button in a text editor. Then drag post with images inside of it.
  9. Pro tip for next time in any type of a game. Disable auto-updating for your games. Auto-updates are very, very, very bad, if there's no way of reverting them. Currently, you're stuck with 1.61 version, where majority of mods support 1.60. In some cases, this can cause major problems. So, I'd recommend turning off auto updates on your sims games, until 90% of mods update to newest patch.
  10. Let me add something to this pile. This video is simply brilliant.
  11. 1. If you're having trouble and you're afraid of your game slowing down or crashing, try setting graphics to medium. That should take care of it. 2. Play in an Offline mode and with update 1.60.54. Anything newer may cause your mods to crash your games or glitch. 3. Certain mods can conflict with each other. In your case, you have a mod which heavily conflicts with the statue mod. Be safe and pass on that mod, rather than risking unstable game. Technically, your game can support an infinite amount of mods. However, that's assuming you have a good computer and your mods D
  12. Exactly! Mods are a blessing. Assuming they work One of the most soulcrushing things is to play a game for like 50 hours... and then get your save destroyed because of a mod error. But then you can report it and improve the mod further.
  13. JonTron uploads are truly one of few videos which make me laugh every time.
  14. Hi. I just wanted to share something with you guys and see, if you have also the same mindset. Since the Skyrim launch, I've been forever changed in a way of playing my games. Whenever I buy a game, play it for hour or two, I tend to browse various sites and find mods to play it alongside the main game. Without finishing even half of the game. All the games I've played in latest months have been modded. Last ones being Darkest Dungeon, which had around 90 mods installed. And now Sims 4, which has around 400 different mods. I can't help it. In back of my mind
  15. Nope. Bethesda can't be trusted and my guess is that pre-order rewards will be barely worth it. You'd probably get something significantly better in a week after the release, since modding community is spectacular. The only company which has my trust with pre-orders is Paradox Interactive. I ALWAYS know what I'm buying. On top of having very fair prices and buuuuuunch of free content along with a free patch.
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