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I love playing in Dragon Valley when I play the sims, but I constantly need to edit the world and the sims to fit my play style. This can be quite tedious. I was wondering if anyone knew a dragon valley redux/ fixed version of dragon valley. I tried brntwaffles version, but it seriously messed up my game and i needed to reinstall it. Or if anyone knows a way to upload a dragon valley world that I've already edited, then that would be great :)

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Are you actually editing the world file, or the the world in your save games?


If it's save games, then you 'could' upload the save, but without your choice of EP/SP/CC the save would pretty much be useless.


If it's the actual world file for Dragon Valley, Then that would be a 'replacer' and should be able to be uploaded as such, but obviously with specific instruction on what is changed.


There are Versions of Dragon Valley on the web with fixes so those whom don't purchase 'worlds' from the store can still use the assets, although some animations will be missing 'equipped' items used during the animation. Example: Using the bow and arrow target has the sim doing it empty handed.


"WHAT" is changing in the world requiring your constant vigilance in editing? If it's Sims, then welcome to CAS hell. I'll save you a seat.

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??? Not only is it the sims, but I also change the Tavern and Pub into a dive bar and local watering hole, I add Supernatural, Pets, and other expansion pack items, I turn sims into occult sims, and then I need to edit the sims so that're not all blue/ yellow/ green/ pink. 


I usually just save my game the way I like it, but then I have no idea where to go from there. I'm pretty new at sharing content, so I appreciate you patience. 

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I'm still fuzzy on what actual 'content' you're referring to uploading.


Saved sims?


Games save?


World replacer?


As mentioned - without ALL cc used in your 'creation', anything shared will just re-acquire default assets making the whole effort pointless. Anything you've changed will need to be available to the person using it. Color values and other things which are included will be shared without a problem. That new skin, or dress/furniture/etc. won't be unless it's either included with the file, or the 'user' already has it installed.



>Going back to the original post:


Do you have the original store version of Dragon Valley? - if so, you're done. Nothing will work better in the game unless it's a fix for pathing issues. Some worlds suffer more than others (looking at you Island Paradise), while most others seem fine out of the box.


Once you've edited your world - it will remain in that state as long as you play a version of that save. Years ago my BridgePort save was so gummed up I had no choice but to try and fix it. Start a new game in that world after all the modifications I made wasn't an easy option. SO I removed every single household to the bin, as well as any customized venues. Then restarted the world, and replaced everything in the world with the saved versions from the bin. Reset the world in master controller, and cleaned the 'world' without losing 'creative' progress. The sims relationships outside the household were reset, but they kept jobs/status/etc.


Playing with aging on and aging off both create different problems over time, but ultimately they can be addressed the same way.

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I referring to my edited version of dragon valley and the sims in the town that I've edited. Is it possible for me to share it. I'll base game skins and objects and maybe some store content...I'll try to keep it to a minimum so that even can use it, but still have my own flair to the town. 


I only want to place down a few lots, but I always have script error messages that clogged up my game. I often get "unroutable sim found" (Did I even spell that right?) sims found messages.


As for the edited households and customized venues, doesn't that seem a little tedious as well? I guess it's better than redoing it all together, but isn't there a better way of saving progress?

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2 hours ago, msoriginaljester said:

I referring to my edited version of dragon valley and the sims in the town that I've edited. Is it possible for me to share it.

Based upon my experience with CarlSims site and the downloading of the site fan project world - Union Cove - I'd have to say yes.


This world was created by fans, and each lot (many, I was impressed) had a home and family custom made and added to the world. I even saw Charlie Sheen there.....


Anyways this example shows it can be done. Now one must understand, this world is custom, not a re-upload of one offered by EA on their store. This in itself may be a deal breaker for uploading here at LL. It's one thing to talk about 'hacked' worlds, or point someone in a direction to find them. It's another entirely to do it here if the rules forbid it. Send a PM to a moderator if needed. They appreciate knowing the members take the rules seriously.

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