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This is probably a me problem but could the animators of sims 4 PLEASE don't bombard the Screenshot part of the download section with gifs of the animation.


I have a weird impatiences that makes me open any updated mods in a new tab and when multiple Animation packs are updated, it slows the website down to a crawl.


Again it's a ME problem but please? I'm only asking.

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Adding too many GIFs has a bad consequence for LoversLab, because it will consume quickly the bandwidth that we pay for.

So, do not abuse of GIFs. Especially if they are NOT to show something for a mod.

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Who's using small 256 color gifs anyway? True color webp animations rock!

At least there are browser plugins to stop autoplay.


Limiting the number of preview images to 3 will likely not help. The animators may simply create longer/bigger webp/gif files.


TIA to each creator which use the spoiler tag and only a few public gifs/webps.

Browsers may still preload the hidden content ...



https://mashable.com/2014/06/20/twitter-gifs-mp4/ - gif 2 mp4 or webm would save bandwidth and video/no-autoplay is also supported.


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Gfycat is where it's at. Links are super fast. Gfycat can be integrated into majority of posts and their posts last forever. Dunno why even bother using gifs.


On 2/2/2020 at 1:27 AM, beautifulmusiclover said:

While there at it they need to also remove these sex ads from this site.

How about NO. You realize that this site is completely FREE for everyone to use. It's been FREE for years, while providing home to creators who managed to get a following here and profit off it with patreon support. Ads help this site to run. Supporting sites by not running adblocker is one of the ways to ensure that they don't die out or don't solely rely on subscription support. So no. No need to remove those ads. You can remove them yourself via adblocker but that's not recommended if you want to support Loverslab.

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