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Is there a way to get [AAF] FO4 Animations by Leito work with zex Fusion Girl body?

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The Title is the question i have. I know that Bazinga seemingly had a way to do this, as seen in this thread: 

 But i dont really understand anything described there. So is there a more or less simple way to get the genitals from the fusion body to work with leitos amazing animations? I hope someone can help me here.

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You need 3 things for this:

1. an edited version of the Fusion Girl body that includes morphs for opening and closing the vagina, the original body doesn't have that

2. AAF

3. the animation entries in the xml files for AAF have to be edited


In the thread you linked I provide the first thing on this list, nothing else. I also describe how the xmls have to be changed to actually get it to open.

Indarello went further and also edited the animation xmls. He had to go through them with a fine comb because just adding that vagina open morph change to each and every animation doesn't make sense.

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