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Make any NPC wear armor


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First off this question has nothing at all to do with lovers with PK. As such I am moving it to the general oblivion section.


Now to answer your question, mages outside of combat will try to wear clothing or light armor. You "should" be able to force the issue by removing all other clothing\armor similar items so they don't have a choice.

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Sorry to make you move the thread. The issue really only comes up in the context of Lovers slave trade, which is why I posted here. About the question, I always remove all other clothing to be sure, but often they will just go naked instead of wearing armor.




Thanks for the link, but that mod doesn't help a great deal because it only lets you "configure up to three different outfits for up to six NPC companions". I'm looking for some kind of switch that just tells all NPCs it's ok to wear whatever they have on them.

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Some NPC's just won't wear heavy armor as they lack the traits to do so. Trying to distribute armor "in game" is a pretty inefficient and often buggy way to do things. It is much more reliable to equip the NPC's via the Construction Set in the esp file.


One "work around" you can do is to open a custom armor esp via the construction set and change the armor to "light armor" and give it a weight of 1. Then give out those items and pretty much all npc's will wear them.

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certain basic rules are applied when npcs choose their outfit to wear.


They tend to prefer things with higher value. If something's gold value is some ridiculous value like 99999, it gets priority. (like TamagoSetbody)

They choose the equipment by alphabetical ascending order. (remember damage health hood assassination?)

And they prefer the ones that match with their major skills. This makes our life tough because magicians don't wear armor. I'm not certain though, never tried to figure out how mpc or cm handles this matter.

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